Are you are tired of your ill-fitting dentures? There is an exciting new opportunity in the world of prosthodontic repair!

Through an All-on-Four procedure from our team, you have a full-mouth solution that gives you a stronger connection than traditional dentures. This method uses a set number of dental implant posts to hold your new prosthetic, and it is quickly becoming a popular way to revive smiles in need of repair. Instead of replacing your old dentures, talk to Balboa Dental Surgery about the possibility of implant-retained dentures!

All-on-Four Harnesses The Same Scientific Technology As Dental Implants

If you are familiar with the dental implant placement process, then you have a helpful starting point in understanding how an All-on-Four procedure can benefit you. Through the placement of titanium posts along your jaw, your new restoration holds a denture prosthetic firmly in place. Commonly, four posts per jaw are used to hold your new denture, giving the procedure its name. You might require more implant posts to ensure a strong bond, so speak with your dentist about your specific needs.

Discover The Benefits Over Traditional Dentures

When you need to make a change to your existing dentures, take some time to learn about the differences between your current prosthetic and an All-on-Four solution. With implant-retained dentures, there are some notable benefits, including bone stimulation in the jaw. Your implant posts help remind your body that you are still using your teeth, helping you to prevent resorption. In addition, implant-retained dentures do not cover the roof of your mouth, which can be a significant benefit for comfort.

Learn More About All-on-Four Implant Dentistry With Balboa Dental Surgery

Talk to our team in Newport Beach, CA about your options in achieving a lasting full-mouth restoration. With an implant-retained denture solution, you can have a new set of prosthetic teeth that use sophisticated science to bring you a strong bite. To schedule your consultation for an All-on-Four procedure, give our team a call at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949)630-0143!