Smile Restoration Through Gum Grafting

Man with nice smile gum grafting conceptThere are different reasons why people start to lose confidence in their smile. Many people who have gone through this will point to issues with the teeth themselves, but you may need to do something about problems with your gums. Poor periodontal health, aggressive brushing, and other factors can cause gum tissues to recede. In addition to making the tissues uneven, recession exposes your roots, making teeth look longer than they should. That exposure of root areas can lead to oral health as well as esthetic problems, as these areas are more sensitive and have less natural protection against oral bacteria. Fortunately, a gum graft performed at our Newport Beach, CA practice can improve on how you look and address these health-related concerns. (more…)

Safe Dental Sedation And Your Treatment

young man comfortable at the dentist's office sedation dentistry conceptDental services can respond to oral health and esthetic concerns. At our Newport Beach, CA dental practice, we work with patients who sometimes need more involved care to address one or both of these matters. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for people with dental anxiety to proceed with care even if they know they need to do something about an active smile problem. If you are someone who struggles with unease about treatment in general, or if you worry about a specific care plan, dental sedation can help. The use of a safe sedative option can keep you in a relaxed and comfortable state while your dentist tends to your needs. Because there are multiple options, we can see to it that you have the right degree of support. (more…)

When Bruxism Causes Morning Jaw Pain

woman with morning jaw pain bruxism conceptYour mood when you wake up can be affected by different factors. The amount of sleep you enjoyed, the activities you have planned for the day, and the time you have available to prepare for your day can all influence it. However, if you have issues with nightly teeth grinding and clenching, you can tend to wake up with unpleasant pain that affects the start of even the most exciting day. Bruxism is a problem with recurring teeth grinding and clenching. If it is not addressed, you can continually engage in this activity unconsciously while you sleep, which means you cause stress on your teeth and jaw. Over time, you can do worrying harm to your enamel that causes cosmetic and even oral health concerns! Fortunately, your Newport Beach, CA dentist is prepared to help you resolve these troubles and protect yourself against further problems with grinding and clenching. (more…)

When You Want A Whiter Smile

woman with nice smile teeth whitening conceptWhen you have doubts about your smile thanks to dental discoloration, your overall confidence can suffer. The problem can make you look older and less healthy than you are, and it can create a jarring contrast between your current appearance and the way you looked in the recent past. At our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office, we can provide an effective solution for dental discoloration, one that takes away your doubts about the way you look. It can take the form of a teeth whitening treatment, but for some patients, we can recommend a different strategy. By receiving the treatment that is truly right for you, it is possible to enjoy a lasting confidence boost! (more…)

Noticeable Change Through Tooth Replacement

Older couple NPBCAQuality prosthodontic care includes making sure that you are aware of all of your options in the replacement of your natural tooth. Extractions are sometimes necessary for the ongoing lasting health of your smile. You have the power to determine your specific form of smile renewal, as there are multiple different ways that you can approach your situation. A dental bridge can help you renew your bite function through the placement of a prosthetic over the existing gap. This new solution is tethered to the rest of your mouth through dental crowns on the teeth surrounding your gap.

For others, a dental implant procedure could be helpful. This process includes the initial placement of a dental post within the jaw bone. Your body interacts positively with the titanium in this segment, allowing it to thrive within your natural mouth. The permanent attachment of this foundation can help with additional instances of tooth loss due to age or illness. Emerge triumphant from your extraction with a beautiful new functional prosthodontic solution from Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA. (more…)

When Wisdom Teeth Cause You Pain

Man suffering pain wisdom teethDiscomfort in the face and jaw can certainly feel like a matter to discuss with your dentist. What you can find is that the problem is not related to unhealthy teeth but those that have not yet arrived. As they come in, your wisdom teeth can push against their neighbors, causing crowding, enamel damage, and more trouble. They may even become impacted, leading to new issues that you must address. At our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office, we provide care to effectively extract your wisdom teeth and prevent further issues. Proper removal can protect you against potential harm, and it can make your recovery experience easier. (more…)

Has Dental Wear And Tear Hurt Your Smile?

woman embarrassed by smile dentistry conceptAs gradually worsening wear and tear affects your teeth, you can feel your confidence in your smile slipping. Enamel erosion can be a consequence of biting and chewing over the years, but the friction from this activity can have a relatively limited effect. However, for those who have softer enamel, and for those who grind their teeth more regularly, changes can be more pronounced. They can also become apparent at an earlier age, leading to embarrassment. Fortunately, there are solutions to problems associated with wear and tear. At our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office, we can discuss both the restoration of your smile after you become worried over wear and tear and protection against further harm from bruxism (habitual teeth grinding). (more…)

Treatment For Cracked Tooth Enamel

Woman ready for dental care cracked tooth treatmentWhen your tooth enamel cracks, the discomfort alone can be enough to motivate you to book dental care. If this is not concerning enough by itself, you should know that the problem makes you vulnerable to more concerns, including issues with further physical damage as well as infection! Our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who crack, chip, or otherwise harm their teeth. Lifelike dental veneers and crowns are both effective at treating teeth that have suffered damage. We should note that when patients experience problems that seriously compromise their appearance and dental health, we do offer emergency oral health services. (more…)

Benefits Of A Successful Tooth Extraction

Woman with healthy smile tooth extraction conceptYou can have an understandably tough time moving forward with a tooth extraction. After all, this is a procedure that leaves you without your full smile, and it is one that can sound uncomfortable. What you should know is that while a problem that demands tooth extraction is something to worry over, the procedure itself will benefit your well-being in important ways. One reason for this is that you can stop a spreading infection before it extends beyond the tooth itself. Another is that this removal can mark both the end of active discomfort and the start of plans to completely restore your oral health. After successfully extracting your tooth, your Newport Beach, CA dentist can make arrangements to replace it with a custom prosthetic that offers visual and health benefits! (more…)

We Provide Noteworthy Smile Improvements

woman with lovely smile cosmetic dentistry If you make the choice to pursue cosmetic dentistry, you can be understandably excited for results that are easy for others to notice. What you can learn as you inquire about treatment is that with just a single procedure, it is possible for you to enjoy remarkable overall changes. Our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office provides services that take on frustrating problems with discoloration, damaged tooth structure, problems with tooth spacing, and other concerns. The options you have for care vary, which means we can personalize our approach to ensure that you have results you are truly eager to show off to the world! (more…)