Pearly White After Labor Day

Busy NPBCANow that the summer is winding down, you might be noticing some issues with your smile as the excitement wears off. Or maybe you have a little more time now that the kids are back in school and you want to address some things that you have been putting off.

Whatever the instance, now is a perfect time for our same-day whitening procedure. We gently lift years of discoloration through UV technology, always keeping your utmost health in mind. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains how this may benefit you. And we will walk you through our simple process the whole way! (more…)

Avoid Baby Bottle Tooth Decay!

Baby NPBCAFor many parents, baby teeth can be seen as somewhat replaceable, as they’re designed for a temporary period of time. But they are just as, if not more, susceptible to tooth decay. It is very important to try to keep their mouths as healthy as you can, and this first set helps the adult ones come in correctly.

Children are also still prone to infections within their mouths, as well. And even children who are old enough to brush may find ways to avoid the unpleasantness, sometimes in remarkably crafty ways! Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains this phenomenon and some common causes. Also, some ways to help avoid it and keep your child’s smile safe! (more…)

Tooth Sensitivity, Under Your Control

Mustache NPBCATooth sensitivity is a very common condition, and can also be caused by a few different factors. It is important to note the times when you have an event in order to see if you can isolate a cause. It is cold that is giving you issues? Sugar? Or are you experiencing this over a broader aread of the mouth for a longer time?

Knowing your symptoms can do a lot in helping remedy dentin sensitivity. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist tries to help you keep track of your condition!


Keep Your Gums Strong!

Happy NPBCAWe don’t think about it often, but our mouth is an incredibly vulnerable place. Our bodies are constantly fighting off infection from exposure to the air. And since we are constantly using our mouths for talking or eating, that exposure exists throughout the day, and into when you sleep.

The food we eat itself is full of damaging materials too, with its own set of bacteria. And the sugars we consume leave remnants on our teeth, leading to bacterial growth and later tooth decay. This can also lead to periodontal disease, or the infection of the gum tissue.

Our gums provide a very strong barrier of support for your mouth, covering the roots of the teeth and limiting the contact between our circulatory system and the outside world. So today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist stresses the need to maintain a healthy gumline. And if you have noticed recession, what you tell your oral health provider at your next visit to the office! (more…)

Don’t Wait To Treat Wisdom Tooth Pain

Teen NPBCAThe possibility of oral surgery can be anxiety-inducing in all of us, and when you’re a teenager, you might not know the necessity of having your wisdom teeth monitored as they grow. But these can cause serious problems, and often need to be removed in order to give you the brightest and healthiest smile available to you.

And in the time they are growing, they can be doing damage to your mouth. The longer that you wait, the more possibility for harm. So today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist presses the need to pay attention to your wisdom tooth development, and why seeing a trained oral health professional can save you a lot of worry in the long-run.


Making Implants Simple

Jump NPBCAOften, people can get overwhelmed at the prospect of having a tooth replaced with a dental implant. This can only be magnified for those individuals needing multiple replacement prosthetics. And so many people ignore their problem because they feel the short-term hassle is worth the long-term solution.

Well, implants have never been more affordable and accessible, and you don’t need to worry any longer! Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist speaks to you a bit about how this technology came to be, and why now is a great time to schedule your smile’s improvement! (more…)

Surgeries Can Work In Tandem

Surgery NPBCAThere are some times when different aspects of oral health come together, forcing us to perform two seemingly different procedures together. Sometimes that means a simultaneous situation. In other instances, we need to achieve a certain goal before we can proceed with the next step. This can be because of stability concerns or a bacterial infection, or many other issues that could pose a risk to your mouth.

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist speaks to you about some instances that we may need to do multiple things in order to correct one situation. And how these may drastically benefit your smile! (more…)

Restore Life To Your Smile Quickly!

Smile NPBCASome aspects of dental care can take a very long time. Procedures such as dental implants can require multiple surgeries before a suitable final solution is finished. After extractions, bone grafts are often necessary to ensure the stability of the remaining jaw for the future. This also sets up a sturdy foundation for an implant post, should you so desire.

But porcelain veneers are an easy way to bring new life to your smile, and can be a very comprehensive approach. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains some of the benefits of porcelain veneers and how they may be able to bring prompt improvements to your smile! (more…)

Extractions: What’s Next?

Extraction NPBCAFor many reasons, sometimes we require a tooth or even several to be surgically removed. And while we always want to maintain as much healthy natural material as possible, sometimes the remaining structure is too unstable or weak to use. Or the infection may have grown significant enough that saving becomes impossible.

Whatever the situation may be, you have options as to how you would like your smile to fare in the future. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist walks you through the process after an extraction, and possible steps you can take to improve your smile for the future! (more…)

You Can Be Your Jaw’s Worst Enemy

Guard NPBCAMany people clench or grind their jaw unconsciously. It is a very common habit, and for most people, it doesn’t cause any noticeable harm to their smile. For others, it can cause major problems in numerous areas of your oral health.

Bruxism, the medical term for this unconscious behavior, can also occur when you are sleeping. Many patients are unaware that they even do this, until a partner points it out to them. Or their symptoms become so unbearable that they have to seek out the help of a trained oral health care professional.

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains how custom night guards, designed specifically for you, might help alleviate your pain and discomfort! (more…)