When We Must Extract Your Tooth

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When your dentist informs you that we must remove one of your teeth, it is understandable to feel alarmed. After all, the goal of dentistry is to maintain the health of your teeth and their status in your smile! What you should know is that safely removing one of your teeth, is generally the last option available when we exhaust more conservative treatments to save your tooth. The extraction can remove the roots of a decayed tooth that does not have enough structure to support a dental crown. This procedure may also prevent an infection of your pulp from spreading throughout your jaw and into the rest of your body as well. Removing your tooth should be thought of as simply the first step in the process of restoring your healthy smile.

At your Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office, we can extract a problem tooth and help you place a prosthetic to return your bite. Solutions such as dental implants mean that you need not worry about a permanent hole after removing one of your teeth. This procedure can address your dental pain and put you on the path to recovery!


Restoring Your Lost Tooth

Confident young man with arms crossedIf you have recently lost a tooth, you understand how frustrating this event can be. A new gap in your smile can cause an obvious disruption to your appearance and greatly challenge your self-confidence. You may find your bite worsening as you shift your jaw to accommodate your loss. To treat this problem and return your enthusiasm to show off your smile, you should consider a reliable restoration for missing teeth. A prosthetic tooth can stabilize your bite and prevent neighboring teeth from drifting into your socket. Your restoration can restore balance when distributing force as you chew and prevent accelerated erosion of enamel. These benefits combine to help you prevent additional tooth loss while enhancing your aesthetic appeal.

At your Newport Beach, CA, dentist’s office, we can evaluate the degree of your tooth loss and help you select a restoration for your lost tooth. Options such as dental bridges or implants allow you to go about your day without the annoyance of an incomplete bite. (more…)

Desirable Improvement For Your Smile

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Are you looking to give your smile a boost? When you make the decision to pursue cosmetic dentistry, you can receive results that are easy for others to see! You no longer need to worry about physical imperfections or the unsightly presence of tooth discoloration. As you learn about different treatments, you will find that even a single procedure can provide remarkable improvement to your personal appearance.

At your Newport Beach, CA, dentist’s office, we use cosmetic solutions to address problems with tooth spacing, damaged tooth structure, discoloration, and other frustrating concerns. Your treatment options vary which provides a personal approach. With a brand new smile, you can find satisfaction in showing it off to others! (more…)

Quickly Responding To Dental Injuries

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Whenever you experience an injury to one of your teeth, it can be quite upsetting. This is because dental emergencies often happen when you least expect them. But having a plan for responding can help you quickly relieve your painful symptoms and put you on the path to recovery. This means preventing your injury from progressing and receiving the appropriate repair to your hurt tooth.

At your Newport Beach, CA, dental practice, we are standing by to provide service in your time of need. We can examine your injury and offer the right restorative solution to return the beauty of your healthy smile!


A Treatment For Nightly Teeth Grinding

Pensive man looking confusedWhat steps can you take to maintain the health of your smile while you sleep? Brushing and flossing your teeth before bed helps fight the buildup of plaque that contributes to tooth decay and gum disease, but what if an unconscious habit threatens your grin? Grinding and clenching your teeth, otherwise known as bruxism, can wear down the surface of your teeth and cause significant damage to both your appearance and oral health. While certain people may occasionally bite or clench their teeth from time to time, performing this behavior constantly requires an intervention to prevent continued harm. When unaddressed, bruxism can shift the alignment of your bite, chip your teeth, and lead to other issues such as discoloration.

By visiting your Newport, CA, dentist, we can examine the health of your mouth and determine if you exhibit the signs of constant grinding and clenching. When necessary, we will help you stop your grinding habit by providing therapy with an oral guard. By wearing your oral guard nightly, you can protect each row of teeth by separating them while you sleep. Your new appliance can also relieve tension in your jaw from constant stress, allowing you to wake each morning feeling more refreshed. (more…)

Safely Removing One Of Your Teeth

Senior man standing at home near windowIf your dentist recommends removing one of your teeth, you may not be looking forward to undergoing the procedure. This is an understandable feeling as you cannot regrow them and the goal of oral hygiene is to preserve their health and presence in your mouth! But when you learn it is time for an extraction, it is because there are no longer more conservative treatments available to save your problem tooth. This procedure can prevent the spread of a serious infection or remove the roots of a tooth that does not have enough healthy material for a restorative crown. Think of your removal procedure as simply the first step in the overall process towards regaining your full smile! After we extract your tooth, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist can help you plan a visit to install a dental implant or other prosthetic solution. What this means is that you will not have to live life with a permanent hole in your grin! Removing your injured tooth grants desirable relief and allows you to enjoy your bite once again! (more…)

Reliable Restoration Of Missing Teeth

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When you lose one of your teeth, the experience can be quite upsetting. You can feel embarrassment at the new gap in your smile and begin to notice problems with your bite. To prevent this hole in your smile from affecting your ability to enjoy everyday life, you should learn about the options available to replace a missing tooth. Modern prosthetics can potentially help prevent additional dental loss and return the full appearance of your smile.

At your Newport Beach, CA, dental practice, we help empower our patients with reliable restorations for missing teeth. Appliances such as dental implants and dental bridges return your bite without calling attention to your previous injury.


A Cosmetic Boost For Your Smile

Smiling man holding tablet in an officeBecause your smile is often the center of attention whenever making a first impression, cosmetic dentistry can provide a desirable enhancement to your natural appearance. If you have existing problems with physical imperfections, discoloration, or missing teeth, we can provide an improvement that helps return your self-confidence. The right approach to corrective work means blemishes or problem teeth should not hold you back at work or in your social life!

At your Newport Beach, CA Dentist’s office, we offer cosmetic services to boost the quality of your grin. A simple upgrade with treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, or other prosthetics can provide great satisfaction in a few visits to our office. (more…)

Swift Response For Dental Emergencies

Man smiling standing in natureBecause an injury to your tooth can happen when you least expect it, it is important to respond quickly and appropriately. Whether you have a chipped tooth, severe pain, or a knocked-out tooth, knowing how to respond and who to contact can make all the difference in preventing further damage and discomfort. At your Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office, we are standing by to help treat your dental emergency. We can evaluate the injury to your tooth and provide proper restoration when need be. (more…)

Helping You Stop Your Teeth Grinding

Smiling Asian elderly woman looking at camera standing outside at homeIf you suspect you are grinding your teeth while you sleep, you may worry about its long-term effects on the look of your smile. Not only does this habit harm your appearance by wearing down the surface of your teeth, but the harm threatens your oral health as well. Although many people occasionally rub or bite their teeth, practicing the habit consistently causes damage that needs to be addressed. Left untreated, your bite can become out of alignment, and the loss of your enamel gives a yellow look.

Your Newport, CA, dentist understands the importance of treating this medical condition called bruxism. We can offer a reliable therapy for teeth grinding in the form of an oral guard. When you wear your oral guard before bed, you will sleep with each row of teeth separate from one another. This prevents erosion and can reduce stress within the muscles of your face and jaw. Enjoy feeling more refreshed when you awake!