Am I Prepared For A Dental Emergency?

Man experiencing dental emergencyAccidents can happen to us, sometimes when we least expect them—this includes accidents that affect our teeth. Dental emergencies can happen suddenly, causing stress or even panic in addition to physical discomfort. Time is of the essence when dealing with these situations, and since fear and adrenaline are running high, it is good to be prepared with a game plan in advance. Your Newport Beach, CA dentist will provide the services needed to manage your dental emergency, which will help you keep a cool head and see a positive outcome! (more…)

A Flexible Solution For Your Needs

Curly NPBCAEvery smile has its own specific needs and strengths. If you have lost a tooth due to infection or physical causes, it is crucial to examine how to best replace the missing material. If there is the possibility of future loss, then a prosthodontic implant procedure with a biointegrated titanium post may be a more suitable solution than other methods of repair. For example, a dental bridge relies upon crowns on either side of the gap. If these teeth are vulnerable to damage from infection or disease, the additional stress could lead to the loss of additional teeth.

Others may be planning for additional loss due to age or illness. Taking positive moves when you have the most time to plan can help you to have a solution that looks beautiful and just feels right. At Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, we work to achieve comfortable solutions with vigorous bites. A biointegrated prosthodontic solution can help you to feel secure in your robust new smile! (more…)

Take Charge Of Your Health In The New Year

Office NPBCAAfter the holidays have ended and everyone heads back home to resume their daily lives, New Years comes to give us a chance to examine our lives. We take time to think about the past year and what it has meant to us. From the highlights to the things we could have done better, there is an opportunity to become better versions of ourselves.

As 2023 rapidly approaches, it is important to take this time to set realistic yet bold goals in your New Years resolutions. A common area where these tend to be is in the area of health. We would all love to be stronger and safer, so take advantage of the opportunity to improve your dental wellness. Here at Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, we aim to help you discover lasting change to the appearance and strength of your smile. From quick enhancements to a full set of beautiful new porcelain veneers, we can help you to look and feel great in 2023. Discover the difference in comprehensive cosmetic dentistry!


Discover Relief From Oral Discomfort

Comfort NPBCAIf you struggle with the appearance and feel of your smile, know that you are not alone. One of the most common sources of lack of self-confidence comes from how we look. Since our mouths are one of the first ways we connect with new people, issues with confidence can stem from dental concerns. 

Beyond self-doubt is a physical feeling of discomfort with your smile. This can come as a result of a variety of issues including the overnight grinding of teeth. Known as bruxism, this condition can cause serious damage to the enamel.

Another avenue for common dental discomfort lies in infection. When bacteria invade our gums or the interior of our teeth, it can lead to serious pain. Not only can this situation feel awful, but it can put the future of your smile at risk of further degradation. At Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, we are devoted to giving you the necessary care to ensure that your smile feels and looks its best. Take care of your dental health now before your issue continues to progress!


Sleep Disorders Rooted In Oral Health

Museum NPBCASome of the most common medical concerns affecting sleep have a foundation in the smile. The first of these is bruxism, which is the grinding or gnashing of teeth. This issue can lead to serious damage to a smile starting with the erosion of the enamel. Exposed dental material can develop infection or experience sensitivity.

Sleep apnea is another disorder of this type that centers around the structures of the jaw and throat. When we are at our deepest sleep overnight, we experience a state known as REM (rapid eye movement). Parts of the throat may become incredibly relaxed and affect the same areas that control swallowing and the use of the tongue. During the day, these forms are more rigid and hold their shape. In REM sleep, these can soften and lay over each other, which can block the airway and prevent you from receiving proper oxygen.

Convenient night guards are a convenient non-surgical option that we offer at Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA. These are designed for both apnea and bruxism concerns to help you have the best rest possible! (more…)

Be Proactive With Wisdom Teeth

Teen NPBCAThe growth of the wisdom teeth is an important part of the development of the mouth. Our third and final set of molars typically arrives during the later teen years into college. It is crucial at this time to set strict appointments for imagery so that your oral health provider has all the tools at their disposal. With proper x-rays, the location and speed of the growth of these new teeth can be identified.

If you are around this age, or if you are the parent of a teen, make the effort when it comes to your wisdom teeth. Improper development of these new structures can lead to serious concerns with alignment, when they push your teeth to the front of the mouth. This can create an unattractive smile that is hard to clean and may require an additional procedure to correct. In addition, the final set of molars may cause further issues with the jaw or inflict damage on the enamel.

When extraction is necessary to maintain a beautiful smile, Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA aims to address these teeth before they cause major damage. Take your adolescent dental care seriously!


Elegant Replacement Solutions

Elegant NPBCAAs we grow in age, our smiles become more susceptible to damage and wear. Even with impeccable oral health maintenance, our immune response is slower when we are older. In addition, our enamel does not readily repair itself in the same manner as other areas of the body.

Extractions can be a necessary part of a comprehensive dental health approach in an aging smile. When our natural teeth become a risk to the future of our wellbeing, a beautiful new prosthodontic replacement can help you find your footing. Threaded titanium posts create a strong new connection to your jaw that can strengthen your bite. Take control of your destiny at Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA with a dental implant and discover the benefits of biocompatibility. Osseointegration allows your immune system to support your new prosthetic. This approach can maintain the density and mass of your bone matter. Keep your beautiful profile appearance with the implant process! (more…)

Convenient Positive Dental Change

City NPBCACosmetic smile improvements are one of the brightest ways to look your best. Nothing can lift your confidence like a happy and healthy new look. The inverse is also true, in that oral health unhappiness can seep into our everyday life and limit our personal and professional growth. If you struggle with the way your mouth looks when you laugh or you talk, you can be less likely to put yourself out there.

In the world in which we live it can be hard to find the time to look as best as possible. At our Newport Beach, CA dental office, we understand that our smiles should uplift our existence. We are all social creatures in a hurry; quality cosmetic dentistry can help you to look your best. There are helpful improvements available to you that can refresh your appearance without a long downtime! (more…)

Restore Enamel Damage Of All Sizes

Towel NPBCANo matter how precise and strict we may be in our home oral health regimen, certain aspects of our lives are simply out of our control. We are constantly using our mouths to speak and to chew, and occasionally, these things may cause serious damage such as a chipped or cracked tooth. It can be a truly awful feeling to bite into one of your favorite foods, only to have it pay you back with harm to your enamel. Some breaks may occur due to physical trauma from a fall or an accident, as well.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to not let the area continue without seeing a healthcare provider. If the break is significant, follow emergency guidelines to ensure that you are in the best possible position for repair. Even if the chip seems like it is tiny, it can lead to additional wear and possibly a serious infection. When you schedule a consultation with Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, you may prevent further harm that could put your smile at major risk! (more…)

Powerful Ways To Improve Your Smile!

Tropical NPBCAPatients of all ages yearn for a prettier smile. Even so, many struggle finding a safe oral health path on their own. For this reason, it can be illuminating to open an honest dialog with a dental health provider about their goals and concerns. In the face of a dentist during an examination or consultation, the stress and pressure may lead some to minimize or even gloss over important worries.

At your Newport Beach, CA dentist, we want you to feel comfortable expressing your concerns, no matter how small they might seem to you. Sometimes, these can be the start of a more significant problem and attending to it early can help to minimize the amount of invasive procedures necessary in the future. Follow along as we discuss some of the popular cosmetic methods available to help you look your best! (more…)