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Noticeable Change Through Tooth Replacement

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Quality prosthodontic care includes making sure that you are aware of all of your options in the replacement of your natural tooth. Extractions are sometimes necessary for the ongoing lasting health of your smile. You have the power to determine your specific form of smile renewal, as there are multiple different ways that you can… Read more »

A Flexible Solution For Your Needs


Every smile has its own specific needs and strengths. If you have lost a tooth due to infection or physical causes, it is crucial to examine how to best replace the missing material. If there is the possibility of future loss, then a prosthodontic implant procedure with a biointegrated titanium post may be a more… Read more »

Elegant Replacement Solutions

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As we grow in age, our smiles become more susceptible to damage and wear. Even with impeccable oral health maintenance, our immune response is slower when we are older. In addition, our enamel does not readily repair itself in the same manner as other areas of the body. Extractions can be a necessary part of… Read more »

The Technological Foundation For Implants

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One of the most important technological innovations of the last century lies in the dental implant. This is a prosthetic replacement for a failing natural tooth that is supported through a titanium post. This special metal grows alongside our body and creates a strong and functional new piece of your smile. When properly cared for,… Read more »

Turning Tooth Loss Into A Positive


No matter how tightly you control your oral health, certain things will always be somewhat out of your control. You might accidentally take a turn too sharply or happen to be hit by a car, and suddenly you require restorative surgery. Or an oral infection, either bacterial or fungal, that leads to overwhelming damage to… Read more »

Your Next Steps After An Extraction


If you are facing the prospect of a tooth extraction surgery, you may feel a little down about losing a piece of your natural smile. This is a natural feeling, even if you recognize the medical need for the situation. Nobody likes having to part with a part of their physical body. Today, there are… Read more »

How Implants Provide Security


One of the hardest things for patients with oral health struggles can be uncertainty. Every time that you bite down, you may have serious concerns as to whether the structures of your mouth will continue to hold up. This can be a terrible way to live, the issue nags at you throughout the day. It… Read more »

Dental Implants For Any Situation


One of the best aspects of a dental implant procedure is the versatility that comes with it. Whether you are looking for a single replacement or a whole mouth solution, the use of titanium posts can provide a sturdy foundation for a wide variety of situations. All while looking gorgeous and natural! The process known… Read more »

Gorgeous Replacement After Extraction


People understandably can feel a little down on themselves whenever they require tooth extraction surgery. We hold onto our smile particularly dear since we know we simply do not regrow this tissue. But our options in prosthetic replacement can have you feeling better than ever before! Often, patients will wait too long to deal with… Read more »

Dental Implants And A Stable Future

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For those who have lost a tooth, finding a proper prosthetic replacement can be very important to the future of your oral health. Or if you have a situation where you are facing an extraction, you also may be weighing your options. By far, the most stable and functional solution comes with one or more… Read more »