Balboa implant denturesHave you ever heard of all-on-four implant dentures and how they can revolutionize your smile? Gone are the days of traditional dentures causing discomfort and insecurity.  In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist talks about how to achieve a stable, comfortable smile that restores your confidence and enhances your overall oral health!

Implant Versus Traditional

First off, let’s get educated on the difference between implant-supported dentures and traditional dentures. While both are prosthetic teeth replacements, the surgically anchored option offers superior stability and comfort. Traditional dentures rest on the gums and rely on adhesive paste or suction to stay in place. In contrast, implant-supported dentures are securely anchored to dental implants surgically placed into your jawbone. This advanced approach ensures a more lifelike smile.

Enhanced Stability and Comfort

One of the primary advantages of these prosthetics is the remarkable strength they provide. With traditional prosthetics, the constant fear of slipping or clicking while eating or speaking can be a real concern. This securely anchored option eliminates this worry entirely, allowing you to eat your favorite foods and engage in conversations without apprehension. Thanks to their firm attachment to the implants, you can enjoy a stable bite force, enhancing your overall chewing efficiency.

A More Natural Appearance

Implant-supported dentures go beyond restoring functionality, focusing on delivering a smile that looks and feels completely natural. The old dentures can sometimes appear artificial or bulky, resulting in a lack of confidence while smiling. Implant-retained, on the other hand, are custom-made to match your natural tooth color and shape. They are designed to harmonize with your facial features, closely mimicking the appearance of real teeth.

Preserving Jawbone Health

Another remarkable benefit of this option is its ability to preserve jawbone health. When teeth are lost, the jawbone begins to deteriorate over time due to lack of stimulation. Traditional dentures do not provide the necessary stimulation to prevent bone loss, leading to a sunken facial appearance. All-on-four dentures, however, stimulate the jawbone because the implants integrate with the bone and mimic natural tooth roots. This preserves your facial structure, ensuring you keep a more youthful appearance.

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Implant-supported dentures offer a life-changing solution for those seeking a stable, comfortable, and natural-looking smile. If you are interested in oral surgery to transform your smile, please contact your Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office at (949) 630-0143.