Smile Newport Beach CAWhen summer hits, we all certainly try to look our best. We hit the gym, maybe get a little tan before you go out in the sun. But what about your stained teeth? You can get those refreshed quickly and effortlessly.

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist talks to you about how you can brighten your smile for the pool or the cookout.

Why now?

The summer is the perfect time to clean up any stains or discoloration on your smile. Especially now, when we are going outside more than we have in years, it’s important to look your best.

There is a buzz of activity currently, as people become reacclimated to social life. With this new activity comes a need for cosmetic enhancement. Maybe you’ve let yourself become a bit too comfortable working from home!

But you can spruce up your mouth with a single visit with a whitening procedure. A refresh of your smile can leave you feeling cleaner and generally more presentable. That burst of confidence is an amazing result from such a quick procedure.

Why Whiten?

Patients are often frightened at the possibility of increased sensitivity in the teeth. Whitening technology has progressed significantly over the past few years, and the health of your smile is the most valuable aspect to us.

Whitening your teeth is a simple procedure that you can have safely performed in our office. We use a bleaching gel that gently lifts stains to the surface. Our procedure takes special care to ensure that the strength and integrity of the teeth are not damaged.

Then once the gel has been applied to the surface of the teeth, we activate it utilizing a high-powered light. After a few minutes of exposure, you’ll be ready to go! Patients are often astounded at how short the procedure can be.

Why Not?

Simply put, there’s not much in the way of reasoning to avoid having your teeth whitened. Do not put this off while there is an easy and affordable option available!

There is no follow-up appointment or long schedules, this procedure is quick and easy. This can also be a much more affordable solution for people who are looking at cosmetic dentistry. Often a whitening does wonders and people rethink getting porcelain veneers.

Now’s The Time

If you have any questions on teeth whitening, or to schedule your appointment, please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!