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Smile Restoration Through Gum Grafting

There are different reasons why people start to lose confidence in their smile. Many people who have gone through this will point to issues with the teeth themselves, but you may need to do something about problems with your gums. Poor periodontal health, aggressive brushing, and other factors can cause gum tissues to recede. In… Read more »

When You Want A Whiter Smile

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When you have doubts about your smile thanks to dental discoloration, your overall confidence can suffer. The problem can make you look older and less healthy than you are, and it can create a jarring contrast between your current appearance and the way you looked in the recent past. At our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s… Read more »

Treatment For Cracked Tooth Enamel

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When your tooth enamel cracks, the discomfort alone can be enough to motivate you to book dental care. If this is not concerning enough by itself, you should know that the problem makes you vulnerable to more concerns, including issues with further physical damage as well as infection! Our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office is… Read more »

We Provide Noteworthy Smile Improvements

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If you make the choice to pursue cosmetic dentistry, you can be understandably excited for results that are easy for others to notice. What you can learn as you inquire about treatment is that with just a single procedure, it is possible for you to enjoy remarkable overall changes. Our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office… Read more »

Take Charge Of Your Health In The New Year

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After the holidays have ended and everyone heads back home to resume their daily lives, New Years comes to give us a chance to examine our lives. We take time to think about the past year and what it has meant to us. From the highlights to the things we could have done better, there… Read more »

Convenient Positive Dental Change


Cosmetic smile improvements are one of the brightest ways to look your best. Nothing can lift your confidence like a happy and healthy new look. The inverse is also true, in that oral health unhappiness can seep into our everyday life and limit our personal and professional growth. If you struggle with the way your… Read more »

Restore Enamel Damage Of All Sizes


No matter how precise and strict we may be in our home oral health regimen, certain aspects of our lives are simply out of our control. We are constantly using our mouths to speak and to chew, and occasionally, these things may cause serious damage such as a chipped or cracked tooth. It can be… Read more »

Powerful Ways To Improve Your Smile!

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Patients of all ages yearn for a prettier smile. Even so, many struggle finding a safe oral health path on their own. For this reason, it can be illuminating to open an honest dialog with a dental health provider about their goals and concerns. In the face of a dentist during an examination or consultation,… Read more »

Bring Your Best Smile To The Holidays

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When it starts to get closer to the end of the year, people become worried about seeing people that they may not have seen since the year before. In some instances, it may be a few years since you last spoke with some of your family members. These are the times that you certainly want… Read more »

Whitening With Your Health In Mind

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One of the most common concerns that people bring to their dentist has to do with the coloration of their teeth. Years of use can leave stains deep within your enamel that simply will not come away no matter how hard you brush. The optimal way to avoid this issue is through strict maintenance of… Read more »