implant process newport beach caThese days, dental implants seem to be everywhere, and that is for a good reason. This method of prosthodontic repair has quickly become the go-to solution for replacing missing teeth, and it provides a strong and secure bite in a way that other options simply cannot. From single instances of tooth loss to a full mouth of implant-retained dentures, there are amazing possibilities with implant dentistry. But have you ever taken the time to really learn about the dental implant process?

At our oral surgery clinic in Newport Beach, CA, we understand the value of a happy and healthy smile. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to bringing high-quality care to our patients, including the placement of sturdy new dental implants. This method takes advantage of the science to give you a replacement that you can trust, and our team is here to help you renew your smile. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment for a consultation and discover the benefits of biocompatible dental implants!

You Depend On Your Smile, And Tooth Loss Can Hold You Back

Each and every day, you use your smile constantly. From chewing to speaking, you need a functional set of teeth, and if you have lost a part of your smile, it can really hold you back. You want to look your best, as well, and without a full set of teeth, you may find yourself shying away from those important moments. On those big days, make sure that your smile looks gorgeous with a beautiful set of teeth.

The field related to replacing missing teeth is called prosthodontics, and there is one method that is quickly becoming the favored solution for patients. Of course, we are talking about dental implants, which have taken the world of dentistry by storm. This option uses advanced science to bring you a reliable tooth replacement with a bite that you can trust, even when chewing the toughest foods.

How Does The Dental Implant Process Work?

The placement of a new biocompatible dental implant all hinges around a titanium post. When placed in the bone tissue of your jaw, your body heals around it, giving you a strong and secure connection for your prosthodontic repair. Titanium is used specifically for this purpose, as your immune system actually protects this metal, rather than pushing it out as a foreign object. After your implant post has healed, your provider can place a beautiful new prosthetic, helping you to have a replacement that looks great and stays functional over time.

Talk To Balboa Dental Surgery About Dental Implants!

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