Balboa Dentistry offers sedation

In our recent blog, we talked about how oral surgery can solve a variety of dental problems for our patients. When it comes to getting dental work done, our goal is to help you feel at ease. At Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, we offer different forms of sedation to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. In today’s blog, we are here to tell you about the many forms of sedation that we can offer.

Reducing Your Stress Creates A Better Experience

There are several reasons a person may choose to be sedated during dental treatments. When it comes to minor procedures such as fillings, or cosmetic treatments, a lighter form of sedation is beneficial because it allows you to be more comfortable. In exchange, your dental staff can operate with more ease, and you will have a positive experience.

When it comes to oral surgery such as wisdom tooth removal, general tooth extraction, and bone grafting, feeling relaxed is an important part of the procedure. Even those who normally feel comfortable at the dentist may feel anxious when it comes to oral surgery. Reducing these fears can allow you to feel calmer and more comfortable when getting the work done. While you are still awake with these types of awake anesthesia, you will feel at ease.

Three Kinds Of Sedation Offered In Our Office

The sedation option that you use will vary depending on your personal needs and the procedure that you will be getting. In many cases, you must have someone to drive you after your appointment is over.

Nitrous Oxide – When it comes to minor treatments and cosmetic procedures, this is the most effective form of sedation. You will still be awake, but this form of “laughing gas” will allow you to feel calm and at ease. This is one of the most common dental sedatives.

Oral – This is a great option when you need a stronger sedative than nitrous oxide. Instead of administering it through the nose as a gas, you will take a pill that will help you sleep during your procedure. For patients with more dental anxiety, this is a good option.

IV – Intravenous anesthesia is used when undergoing major oral surgery. You will not go under in the way that typical anesthesia allows you, but you will feel a relaxed sensation that will put you at ease in the chair.

Having a variety of methods to help relax you during your appointment allows you to feel safe and for the dental staff to complete the work they need.

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