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How Do You Address A Dental Emergency?

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When you sustain a crack or a chip to a tooth, or if a restoration or prosthetic has been damaged, then you need emergency dental care. Our team can see you, and even make a time to treat you outside of normal business hours. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, oral surgeon takes a… Read more »

We Have Tips For Your Dental Emergency

Our team provides emergency dentistry to help repair damaged teeth and ease the sources of your discomfort. Treatment then preserves your smile and protects you from worsening discomfort. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist talks about our approach to emergency dental care!

Don’t Ignore A Dental Emergency

newport beach dental emergency

When you have a tooth that sustains a minor or serious injury, or one that is knocked out, then don’t ignore this issue. Even minor damage could threaten your oral health and smile stability! With dental emergency treatment, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist can offer repair and prevent complications from occurring.

How To Respond To A Dental Emergency

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A dental emergency could happen to any of us, and could lead to damaged teeth, compromised prosthetics, and lost teeth! With the right actions, you can ease your discomfort before seeing our team for treatment. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dental office can offer relief and lifelike results following a dental emergency. Don’t… Read more »

Treatment For Your Dental Emergency

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When you have an injury to your teeth or mouth, it can be difficult to navigate receiving care while experiencing pain. Because these events are generally unexpected, quickly responding to your dental injury is much easier when you have a plan in place. This can lead to desirable relief of your symptoms and the prevention… Read more »

Quickly Responding To Dental Injuries

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Whenever you experience an injury to one of your teeth, it can be quite upsetting. This is because dental emergencies often happen when you least expect them. But having a plan for responding can help you quickly relieve your painful symptoms and put you on the path to recovery. This means preventing your injury from… Read more »

Swift Response For Dental Emergencies

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Because an injury to your tooth can happen when you least expect it, it is important to respond quickly and appropriately. Whether you have a chipped tooth, severe pain, or a knocked-out tooth, knowing how to respond and who to contact can make all the difference in preventing further damage and discomfort. At your Newport… Read more »

Treating Your Dental Emergency

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Receiving treatment promptly for a dental emergency can mean all the difference in saving your tooth. When you break, knock loose, or chip a tooth, you should seek care immediately. We can provide dental repair and when needed, offer an attractive replacement for a lost tooth. At your Newport Beach, CA dental office, we provide emergency… Read more »

How To Respond To Dental Emergencies

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When a tooth is cracked or chipped or even knocked loose or out, this is an emergency situation that needs immediate attention. We’re ready to see you and offer dental repair, but we also have some tips to ease your discomfort until you can see us. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dental practice… Read more »

Treatment For Cracked Tooth Enamel

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When your tooth enamel cracks, the discomfort alone can be enough to motivate you to book dental care. If this is not concerning enough by itself, you should know that the problem makes you vulnerable to more concerns, including issues with further physical damage as well as infection! Our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office is… Read more »