Man smiling in blue sweaterReceiving treatment promptly for a dental emergency can mean all the difference in saving your tooth. When you break, knock loose, or chip a tooth, you should seek care immediately. We can provide dental repair and when needed, offer an attractive replacement for a lost tooth. At your Newport Beach, CA dental office, we provide emergency services to treat injuries to your teeth.

Identifying Your Dental Emergency

Whenever you sustain a physical injury to your tooth or experience consistent pain that will not go away, you should contact our office. If you believe your injury to be life-threatening or have bleeding that will not stop, call 911 or visit your local emergency room before seeking dental service. We treat patients with cracked or chipped teeth, severe toothaches that may indicate infection, lost restorations, objects stuck in teeth, and knocked-out teeth. By calling our office, we will schedule an appointment to treat you as soon as possible. While you wait, you can take the following steps to ease your discomfort until we address your emergency.

Lost Restorations

When a dental crown or filling is lost, you should seek its replacement quickly. Restorations protect damaged teeth, and when they go missing, your tooth becomes susceptible to infection or further physical damage. Avoiding food and drinks with extreme temperatures can reduce pain from sensitive, exposed teeth as you await treatment.

Knocked-Out Teeth

When physical trauma knocks out one of your teeth, we will try to replace it in your mouth. When collecting it for transport, never touch the tooth by its roots. Instead, handle the structure by its crown and place it in a saltwater container or milk bath. This protects your enamel and the integrity of the tooth. To treat swelling, place a cold compress or ice pack on the side of your face and take a pain pill as needed.

Damaged Teeth

For broken or cracked teeth, rinse the area to clear any debris and attempt to control any bleeding. Recover any chipped pieces of teeth for transport to our office in a saltwater or milk bath. We will repair the tooth regardless of if you have all its natural material, so do not worry.

Repairing Your Injury

Depending on the nature of your injury, we will provide the appropriate therapy to reduce your pain and restore your smile. Ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers provide desirable cosmetic results for chipped or cracked teeth. Comprehensive restorations are available for lost teeth as well.

Speak With Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Emergency Dentistry

Knowing who to call can reduce your stress and anxiety during a dental emergency. To find out more about how we treat emergency dental issues, contact Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949) 630-0143 to discuss care today.