Head shot smiling old disabled man Losing one of your teeth can have a frustrating effect on your appearance and potentially cause further problems with your health. To prevent a gap in your smile from impacting your daily life, you should explore the prosthodontic options available to provide quality replacement. You can reduce the likelihood of further tooth loss and restore a full grin with options such as dental implants and dental bridges. Because we have multiple replacement services available, your Newport Beach, CA dentist can plan a solution tailored to your specific circumstance.

The Harm Of Losing A Tooth

Whenever you lose a natural tooth, you sustain more than just cosmetic damage. The gap in your smile can cause neighboring teeth to drift, which causes misalignment of your bite. As your teeth mismatch, certain members take undue wear and tear from the pressure of your bite and can dissolve the protective enamel. This both harms your appearance and leaves you susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. You may also develop problems with your jaw as you shift it unnaturally to move around the missing area. By meeting with your dentist quickly after tooth loss, you can prevent most of these complications by placing a prosthetic restoration.

Dental Bridges Return Your Smile

The placement of a dental bridge can return the appearance of a full set of teeth and grant important chewing function at the same time. Once secure, your remaining teeth will no longer risk drifting leading to problems with misalignment. To place the bridge, we secure it between two dental crowns attached to each tooth on either side of your gap.

Dental Implants Support Jawbone Health

A dental implant helps replace your missing tooth and returns critical support to your jawbone. Your dentist begins by placing a titanium post directly into the bone. As your oral tissues heal, they fuse directly to the post and secure it in place for years to come. At the top of the post is an abutment which allows for the installation of a restoration above your gumline. Whenever you chew with your new restoration, the implant post transfers the force into your jawbone. This provides a stimulative signal to the brain to provide nutrients for the continued health of the jaw. When you lose a tooth, you lose the roots that originally transfer this signal. Therefore, without implant restoration, you risk losing bone density as the brain thinks that part of your jaw is no longer in use.

Speak With Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Replacing Your Lost Tooth

Replacing a lost tooth with a prosthodontic returns your full smile and prevents future complications to your oral health. To find out more about treating your loss with lifelike and durable prosthetics and to start your journey to a complete smile, contact your Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office at (949) 630-0143 to discuss care today.