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When you lose your natural teeth, this could lead to a cascade of oral health issues that could mean an aged appearance and further tooth loss. But using oral surgery to place dental implants, we can help protect your smile and replace what you’ve lost. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dental practice talks about implant dentistry.

The Impact of Losing Natural Teeth

When a tooth is lost, the gap in your smile could cause nearby teeth to drift, creating dental misalignment that further impacts smile beauty and leaves you more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. The changes to the balance of your bite could impact chewing function and increase the risk of TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding). The body will also stop sending doses of calcium and phosphorus to the jawbone around the missing root. Without these nutrients, the bone tissue breaks down losing mass and density to cause further tooth loss and a prematurely aged appearance! But dental implant placement and prevent these complications.

Surgical Placement

Our team will first use digital x-rays to plan the procedure in detail, choosing the most appropriate angle and position to insert the implant post. During an oral surgery procedure, we will gently insert the biocompatible titanium post into the jawbone. The body will accept it as a new tooth, and through osseointegration it will bond with the jaw. This prevents the loss of mass and density in the jaw and stimulates the growth of new tissue, so your tooth can stay in place for decades to come, possibly a lifetime!

Restoring Your Tooth

Once the placement area heals, we will attach an abutment to the post that extends above the gum line. The abutment will allow us to attach the crown that completes your new tooth. This will be custom-made to look natural and match your smile, and also provide a dependable chewing surface. If you have multiple missing teeth, we could employ several posts in your smile to secure a bridge or even a full set of dentures. The prosthetic will be fixed in place and ever slip or require removal for cleaning.

If you have any questions about implant dentistry or about treating tooth loss, then contact our team today to learn more. We’re ready to help you enjoy optimal oral health again, and a smile that inspires confidence.

Talk To Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Implant Dentistry

Our team uses oral surgery to help secure natural looking dental implants. To find out more about treating tooth loss with lifelike and durable prosthetics and start your journey to a complete smile, contact Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949) 630-0143 to discuss care today.