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When your jaw is injured or develops imbalance due to other factors, this could leave you vulnerable to a host of serious issues, from TMJ disorder to sleep apnea. To offer relief, we will provide a noninvasive and comfortable solution with a nightguard. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist talks about our custom oral appliances.

The Signs You Need Treatment

Often, when people develop issues like TMJ disorder or bruxism (teeth grinding), this could lead to jaw and facial pain, headaches and migraines, aches in the neck and shoulders, and even toothaches and tooth sensitivity. When you have persistent but unexplained pain in and around your mouth and head, please let us know right away. Otherwise, the worsening symptoms could lead to more severe pain, issues opening and closing your mouth, and even damaged teeth. With sleep apnea, you have a disorder that leaves you exhausted each day, causing moodiness. Symptoms could include chronic snoring and waking suddenly in the night choking or gasping for air. When any of these symptoms present themselves, please schedule a consultation with our team.

A Noninvasive Treatment Option

Our team will conduct an examination with advanced imaging technology so we can pinpoint the cause and severity of your disorder. If an oral appliance is the best option, we will gather detailed digital images with an intraoral scanner, which we then use to design and craft the custom nightguards. The device is worn as you sleep and shifts the jaw to correct these issues. The device helps ease strain to prevent symptoms related to TMJ disorder, and places a barrier between the upper and lower teeth to prevent bruxism-related damage. If you have sleep apnea, this moves the jaw and tongue forward to prevent the collapse of soft tissues, so you breathe without interruption. The nightguard is easy to use, simple to clean, and can be stored easily. It can also travel with it if you’re hitting the road during the holiday season!

Repairing The Damage

If your bruxism and TMJ concerns have damaged teeth or worn them down, we can repair them to not only improve smile esthetics, but to prevent tooth decay and infection, and also preserve the balance of your bite to prevent further strain on the jaw joints. We can help with our custom crowns, or even dental bonding and contouring, so you enjoy optimal oral health again and an escape from discomfort due to dental damage.

If you have any questions about our custom nightguards and treating issues related to your jaw and bite imbalance, then contact our team today to learn more.

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