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When Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary

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Nobody wants to lose a tooth. We only have so many of them and unfortunately we do not regrow them as a species. But sometimes, it becomes a medical necessity and when it does, it can be important to know when to let it go. This can be incredibly beneficial in stopping rampant decay and… Read more »

A Fresh Reset For Your Gums


Periodontal disease is one of the most common afflictions in this country, affecting almost half of Americans over the age of 30. Stigma, combined with other factors, often leads people to avoid seeking treatment for their condition. As this situation tends to worsen over time, the best time to take action is now. If you… Read more »

Identify Your Painful Tooth Problem


One of the most important things you can do when experiencing any sort of issue with your oral health is to try to identify where the problem is occurring. This way, it may give you a little insight into the possible cause of any issue that you may have. For tooth pain, this can be… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity, Under Your Control

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Tooth sensitivity is a very common condition, and can also be caused by a few different factors. It is important to note the times when you have an event in order to see if you can isolate a cause. It is cold that is giving you issues? Sugar? Or are you experiencing this over a… Read more »

Keep Your Gums Strong!


We don’t think about it often, but our mouth is an incredibly vulnerable place. Our bodies are constantly fighting off infection from exposure to the air. And since we are constantly using our mouths for talking or eating, that exposure exists throughout the day, and into when you sleep. The food we eat itself is… Read more »

Surgeries Can Work In Tandem

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There are some times when different aspects of oral health come together, forcing us to perform two seemingly different procedures together. Sometimes that means a simultaneous situation. In other instances, we need to achieve a certain goal before we can proceed with the next step. This can be because of stability concerns or a bacterial… Read more »

Extractions: What’s Next?

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For many reasons, sometimes we require a tooth or even several to be surgically removed. And while we always want to maintain as much healthy natural material as possible, sometimes the remaining structure is too unstable or weak to use. Or the infection may have grown significant enough that saving becomes impossible. Whatever the situation… Read more »

Saving Your Smile Through Grafting

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When we lose one or more of our teeth, our body immediately begins to operate as if that area of the mouth is no longer vital. This includes what is called reabsorption, where our immune system pulls its resources from one area in order to focus on overall health. Obviously, this is not ideal for… Read more »

Pay Attention To Your Gumline


Gum recession is a serious problem in the United States, with almost 50% of adults having some form of periodontal disease. So almost half of us are struggling with this as we speak. But even if you are part of the healthy 50%, it’s also important for you to monitor your gumline, from its location… Read more »

Root Canals Bring Relief

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Root canals have a very specific history when depicted in movies, television, or books. Horribly painful things that people want to avoid at all costs. Often, someone will choose to simply chew on the other side of the mouth, for fear of aggravating a bad tooth. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Root canals,… Read more »