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Restoring Your Smile With Gum Grafting

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When it comes to preserving a healthy smile, your gums play an integral role in your overall oral health. While you may think primarily of your teeth themselves when performing smile care, any problem that threatens the health of your gums can destabilize your grin. If you allow a case of infection to advance or… Read more »

Performing A Needed Dental Extraction

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Learning that you require a tooth extraction can be quite a surprise when you visit your dentist. While most dental procedures seek to secure the health of the teeth in your mouth, sometimes removing one of them is the best option for your overall condition. This means that extracting one of your teeth is usually… Read more »

When We Must Extract Your Tooth

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When your dentist informs you that we must remove one of your teeth, it is understandable to feel alarmed. After all, the goal of dentistry is to maintain the health of your teeth and their status in your smile! What you should know is that safely removing one of your teeth, is generally the last… Read more »

Safely Removing One Of Your Teeth

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If your dentist recommends removing one of your teeth, you may not be looking forward to undergoing the procedure. This is an understandable feeling as you cannot regrow them and the goal of oral hygiene is to preserve their health and presence in your mouth! But when you learn it is time for an extraction,… Read more »

What To Expect During Tooth Extraction

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You can understandably feel frustration when your dentist recommends removing one of your teeth. Because this treatment leaves you without a complete smile or may sound uncomfortable, you should know that this procedure will lead you to significant health benefits. Tooth extractions can play an important role in stopping infections from extending beyond your mouth…. Read more »

Comfortably Removing Wisdom Teeth

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As people approach their adult years, they could have up to four new molars erupt in the back of the mouth. These could cause serious trouble for the health, function, and even the appearance of your smile. To help protect your smile, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist’s office talks about removing wisdom teeth with a… Read more »

When We Recommend A Tooth Extraction

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It is quite normal to have concerns when your dentist recommends extracting one of your natural teeth. After all, you have a limited number and they will not regrow after removal. You may wonder if the procedure causes discomfort or if the recovery is taxing. While these questions are valid, you should know that pulling… Read more »

Smile Restoration Through Gum Grafting

There are different reasons why people start to lose confidence in their smile. Many people who have gone through this will point to issues with the teeth themselves, but you may need to do something about problems with your gums. Poor periodontal health, aggressive brushing, and other factors can cause gum tissues to recede. In… Read more »

Benefits Of A Successful Tooth Extraction

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You can have an understandably tough time moving forward with a tooth extraction. After all, this is a procedure that leaves you without your full smile, and it is one that can sound uncomfortable. What you should know is that while a problem that demands tooth extraction is something to worry over, the procedure itself… Read more »

Discover Relief From Oral Discomfort

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If you struggle with the appearance and feel of your smile, know that you are not alone. One of the most common sources of lack of self-confidence comes from how we look. Since our mouths are one of the first ways we connect with new people, issues with confidence can stem from dental concerns.  Beyond… Read more »