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Smile Restoration Through Gum Grafting

There are different reasons why people start to lose confidence in their smile. Many people who have gone through this will point to issues with the teeth themselves, but you may need to do something about problems with your gums. Poor periodontal health, aggressive brushing, and other factors can cause gum tissues to recede. In… Read more »

Benefits Of A Successful Tooth Extraction

Woman with healthy smile tooth extraction concept

You can have an understandably tough time moving forward with a tooth extraction. After all, this is a procedure that leaves you without your full smile, and it is one that can sound uncomfortable. What you should know is that while a problem that demands tooth extraction is something to worry over, the procedure itself… Read more »

Discover Relief From Oral Discomfort

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If you struggle with the appearance and feel of your smile, know that you are not alone. One of the most common sources of lack of self-confidence comes from how we look. Since our mouths are one of the first ways we connect with new people, issues with confidence can stem from dental concerns.  Beyond… Read more »

Elegant Replacement Solutions

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As we grow in age, our smiles become more susceptible to damage and wear. Even with impeccable oral health maintenance, our immune response is slower when we are older. In addition, our enamel does not readily repair itself in the same manner as other areas of the body. Extractions can be a necessary part of… Read more »

The Many Sources Of Oral Discomfort


Pain within the mouth can come from a huge variety of sources. For this reason, tracking the location and symptoms that you are experiencing can be vastly beneficial in addressing this concern. While it may be difficult to remember at the time, try to write down what you felt and when. If there was a… Read more »

Stop Waiting To Repair Your Gums


Periodontal disease is an incredibly common occurrence in American mouths. This condition is the infection of your gum tissue, and it can show in a variety of symptoms. Initial gingivitis may appear as redness, swelling, and tenderness at the location. Blood during routine brushing might also appear, and should not be easily ignored when seen…. Read more »

Stop Oral Bacteria In Its Tracks


One simple fact of our oral health is that bacteria from the outside world are always going to try to find a way to take hold within our mouths. Honestly, they can’t be blamed for this, as this is a perfect area for their growth, when left unimpeded. Our smiles have plenty of warm and… Read more »

Don’t Let Oral Pain Hold You Back


Nothing can quite bring your day to a halt quite like a toothache. There are many different ways that your oral health can lead to pain, and each one has its own unique way of bringing you misery. But these are signals to your brain that your body is at risk, so do not try… Read more »

Fighting Tooth Infection


When bacteria reach within the structure of your tooth, it can cause immeasurable pain. It is always best to reach this concern before it moves beyond your enamel and gums. But sometimes things happen, and without routine checkups and examinations, you may not be able to notice the issue. Periodontal disease can cause gum recession… Read more »

When Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary

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Nobody wants to lose a tooth. We only have so many of them and unfortunately we do not regrow them as a species. But sometimes, it becomes a medical necessity and when it does, it can be important to know when to let it go. This can be incredibly beneficial in stopping rampant decay and… Read more »