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When you undergo oral surgery, we want your experience to be a comfortable and positive one. Which is why we choose from three different selections, which can offer varying degrees of calming. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, oral surgeon will take a close look at our dental sedation options, including nitrous oxide and IV sedation!

The Importance of Dental Sedation

Dental sedation can be used along with anesthesia to help you enter a calm and relaxed state, one with little to no memory of the procedure at all. For some, you remain conscious and able to respond to the dentist as needed, with little memory of the process. Others will help you enter a more sleep-like state with no memory of the procedure. The option we choose for you will depend on your age, weight, medical history, and any medications you’re currently taking. Your anxiety levels or any special needs will also be factors. This can help kids and adults alike, and will ensure your office experience is a positive one, so you can focus on your recovery and the new results of your oral surgery. We can help with tooth extraction, dental implant placement, gum grafts, jaw surgery and oral pathology, and even with grafting or sinus lift procedures to prepare smiles for dental implant dentures!

Three Difference Selections

A common treatment and one that helps kids and adults alike is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This is administered through a mask over your nose, and the effects are immediate. They also wear off quickly once the procedure ends, as some can even drive themselves home or back to work, and kids could potentially return to school too.

If you need a more substantial calming option, oral sedation is given in pill or liquid form prior to the procedure. You will enter a deeper state of calm and we may recommend avoiding food or drink in the hours before the procedure. The effects take time to wear off, so you need to have some available to take you home. The deepest form of sedation is IV, administered intravenously. You will be monitored by a trained anesthesiologist throughout the procedure and again need someone to take you home afterward.

If you have any questions about sedation and ensuring a comfortable oral surgery experience, then contact our team. We look forward to helping you and starting you on your path to optimal oral health!

Talk To Balboa Dental Surgery About Our Calming Medications

Oral surgery can address complex concerns and improve your smile’s health and beauty, and our calming options can keep you comfortable! To learn more about staying comfortable during your oral surgery, or to schedule your appointment, contact your Newport Beach, CA oral surgeon at (949) 630-0143!