Sedation DentistryWe get it: anxiety about going to the dentist or dentist is very real and prevalent. Many patients are nervous about the experience, and the last thing we want is for this fear to get in the way of keeping up with their needed oral care. Because we always put the comfort of our patients first, we are pleased to offer dental sedation to those who want and need it. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist discusses the situations that necessitate sedation and the different kinds we offer.

Who Receives Sedation?

We offer an array of sedation types, and each meets the needs of different patients and circumstances. Typically, more mild types of sedation are used for those who are particularly nervous about visiting us. We offer them to patients who experience the following:

  • Fear of needles
  • Heightened fear of dental procedures
  • Anxiety stemming from past negative dental experiences
  • Needing longer, more complex procedures
  • Extra sensitive teeth
  • General discomfort and unease

Overall, we want to make sure our patients are relaxed and enjoy their experience, so we are happy to discuss your sedation options with you.

More Mild Sedation

For those looking for more mild options, we offer nitrous oxide. It is also known as laughing gas, though it won’t exactly make you crack up. Rather, it will relax you during your procedure, and its effects wear off in minutes after your dentist or dentist turn it off. While you are breathing it in, you will feel calm and possibly even euphoric. This is a great option for more minor, non-invasive procedures.

Stepping It Up

If you need something a little stronger than nitrous oxide, we also offer oral sedation. This option consists of taking a relaxing pill, like valium or anything else your dentist provides. You will probably take it before you come in, so you will be fully calm by the time your procedure begins. Because this has longer-lasting effects, you will need someone to take you home afterward. 

The Strongest Option

IV sedation is the strongest choice we provide. Outside of the general anesthetic used for surgical procedures, this provides the heaviest sedation, and it is typically reserved for those with the strongest dental phobias. It is also used for the more invasive services we offer. It is administered straight into the bloodstream, intravenously. It is particularly effective because you will be very relaxed and spacey, but you can still communicate with your healthcare professional to answer questions or express any discomfort. 

Call Us With Any Sedation Dentistry Questions You Have

If you are interested in more relaxing visits to the dentist or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us or schedule an appointment by calling Balboa Dental Surgery in Newport Beach, CA, today at 949-630-0143. We look forward to hearing from you.