Removed wisdom tooth on whiteTaking care of your smile is a lifelong process and one that often requires a bit more than most people are willing to put in. In fact, it is going to take much more than just brushing your teeth daily to lay a good foundation for a healthy smile, and sometimes this can lead to extremes such as tooth loss and the need for dental implants. Even still, sometimes the issue does not have to do with decay, but more so with improper tooth development. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA dentist takes a look at why it is important to have wisdom teeth removed, as well as how our team can help.

Patterns of Eruption

By now you are very familiar with the tooth development process. For example, your first couple of teeth likely made their appearance by your first birthday, and around early elementary school, you likely began losing teeth one at a time. This process is completely natural, and it occurs as a result of making room for your permanent adult teeth to come in. In fact, by about your tenth birthday, you have the majority of your adult teeth!

Keep in mind, however, that your smile development journey does not end here. In fact, your teenage years can be met with a few growing pains as your wisdom teeth begin to surface. These are the structures that grow at the back of the mouth, and you often receive two at the top on either end and two at the bottom.

Unfortunately, many people experience the effects of an improper eruption. Although ideal development can occur, more often than not, a wisdom structure erupts only partially, crowds other teeth, or causes some other issue. Give our team a call to learn more today.

Significant Complications

When structures erupt only partially, this process leads to an increased chance of experiencing a tissue or bacterial infection. What’s more? When teeth become overcrowded and there is not enough room for proper development, you can ensure complications with structural stability. Not only this, but your bite will readjust to accommodate, causing it to become crooked. Contact our team today to learn more about this process and the steps you can take.

Benefits of Removal

Although nobody’s first choice is to have a tooth extracted, it is actually quite common practice to remove your wisdom structures. Additionally, this scenario differs from the removal of another tooth, as your smile will function properly, if not better, without them! While some teeth erupt in an ideal manner, many times they do not, and it is best to act with your oral health in mind when seeking necessary treatment.

Learn More Today

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