wisdom teeth extractionAlthough wisdom teeth extraction is an exceedingly common oral surgery procedure, it is still essential to get them removed quickly when your dentist or dentist suggests. Even though it is a routine surgery — and you’ve probably heard lots of friends say it’s not a big deal — it is important to not be complacent. When they need to come out, it is because their presence can harm your existing teeth and mouth, overall. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA dentist discusses what to expect from the procedure and the ways it can benefit your oral health. 

Understand The Basics

Wisdom teeth are your third molars, and they usually begin coming in between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. There are two on the top of your mouth and two on the bottom.  They are found at the very back of your mouth and hopefully appear without any difficulties. Many individuals, however, could have issues. Your dentist or dentist will recommend extraction if their arrival could crow the other molars, come in at an angle, or they might be in the wrong position. Additionally, it is possible that partially erupted teeth can be prone to bacteria and infection. If any of these outcomes have the possibility of occurring, it is crucial to take action because it can be very painful and damage your other teeth — requiring more complex procedures to repair them.

What Happens During And After The Procedure?

Before your third molars are removed, your dentist will consider several factors to ensure the procedure goes smoothly. They will assess the condition of the third molars, how many need to be removed, the complexity of extracting them, the type of sedation you need, and the overall state of your other teeth. They need to know how to proceed to benefit the rest of your smile Once all of this has been figured out, your dentist will set your appointment. 

On the day of your procedure, you will receive either local anesthesia or IV sedation, depending on your specific needs. You will be monitored the entire time not feel any pain during the extraction. After the procedure, your dentist will send you home to rest — be sure to have someone to drive you home. You will only be able to eat soft foods for a few days, so take that into account while planning for your recovery. Your oral health professional will send you home with thorough instructions to follow. 

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