teen npb caWhen your children are teenagers, interpreting their emotions and moods can be, well, tricky. Sometimes parents have a hard time determining whether or not their child needs to see a dentist urgently to examine their teeth.

Wisdom teeth are often an issue with teenagers, and sometimes they put off their extractions. High school is full of important life events, and nobody wants to miss out on those!

But the earlier we are able to diagnose a problem, the easier the solution to the problem. Now we can’t help you with your communication with your child, but today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist writes on signs that wisdom teeth need to be examined urgently, and may need to be extracted.

They Might Be Hiding Pain

Sometimes, teens will mask their pain, hoping that maybe the situation will right itself with time. And that’s a fair assumption, as at that age, the body is changing so rapidly. Teens are constantly battling issues with their body that grow normally, if awkwardly.

So often, teens will wait too long to express their discomfort, long after they first experience it. An environment where discussions about wisdom teeth are open can lead to a much easier outcome.

Also, teens today are living with a constant barrage of activity, with seemingly very little free time. They (and let’s face it, probably you) do not want to even consider the possibility of being laid up for a few days due to dental surgery. But waiting doesn’t do you any favors, and the more knowledge and history your dentist has, the more tools they have at their disposal.

Encourage Discussion of Symptoms

When your child has seen signs of their wisdom teeth, it is important to teach them to monitor their growth and movement as best as possible. A healthy knowledge of the state of your mouth can give you the tools to know when dental help is needed.

If they have experienced any movement of the existing teeth due to the wisdom teeth, it may be time to consult a dentist. X-rays are incredibly beneficial in determining the growth and path of movement of incoming teeth. If the dentist determines that they need to be extracted, it is important to have them removed before collision with the existing permanent teeth. Otherwise, the positioning of the teeth may be altered, or a tooth might crack.

Take Their Pain Seriously

If your teen is experiencing jaw pain or discomfort, make sure that you don’t simply brush it off. Melodrama may reign supreme in the land of teenagers, but there are very real biological matters at hand here. They might be feeling lousy from their teeth, impacting how they act the rest of the day!

In all seriousness, oral pain in teens is nothing to ignore, and nothing that is uncommon. Reach out as soon as possible if having issues with wisdom teeth.

How Can I Learn More?

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, or have any further questions about your teen’s widsom teeth and whether they need to be extracted, we are happy to help. Please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!