Exam NPB CASummer is a time for great activity, spending as much time together as possible. With the new leaves and warmer weather, we also use the time to get our houses and cars in order. We also start thinking about our beach bodies, getting ready to come out of our winter hibernation.

But how many of us think about teeth cleaning during this time? Your loved ones see more of your teeth than virtually any other aspect of your appearance, and now is a great time to make sure your smile is as beautiful as possible. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist is here with some advice on how to get the season started off right!

You Can’t Do It All

We love and appreciate proper home oral care, but there are some things that just cannot be addressed without the help of a trained professional. 

During an exam, we will start by inspecting your teeth, ensuring that no cavities or other tooth deterioration has occurred. We examine the gums and soft tissue as well, looking for evidence of gingivitis or periodontal disease. These can lead to tooth loss and bone deterioration, so they are certainly not to be ignored.

To put it plainly: a dental hygienist has more tools at their disposal to clean your mouth. Adequate cleaning requires precision instruments, and we can neither see nor reach many places in our mouth on our own.

Tartar Removal

Food particles that stay on the teeth or in recesses of the gums becomes what is known as plaque. Over time, this buildup hardens into tartar, and this cannot simply be brushed off. It must be scraped off the teeth, and this can only be done in a dentist’s office. An ultrasonic scaler is used to remove this material; we also use a fluoride rinse, which is only available in a clinical setting.

What Makes Summer Such a Great Time?

Beyond the beautiful weather, there are a few factors that make summer an ideal time to tackle your tartar. You are bound to be spending time in the sun around friends this summer. Imperfections in your smile will be magnified due to the sun.

And people are always taking photographs in the summer! Nowadays, it is easier than ever to snap a quick photograph, and many of them wind up unflattering.

How Can I Learn More?

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, or have any further questions about having your teeth cleaned, we are happy to help. Please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!