Guard NPB CAWhen we discuss night mouthguards for patients, the first subject of discussion has to be the health benefits. The grinding of the teeth, also known as bruxism, can cause devastating effects on the mouth.

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist writes on how catching a problem early can be the key to saving you money.

Harms Of Bruxism

Your teeth can become flattened, ground down so that they are smaller in both appearance and reality. This is not a desirable look for your smile. Also, it can harm the structure of the teeth, making them more susceptible to damage and tooth decay.

And the teeth may become misaligned as well, requiring correction through braces or clear aligners. The misalignment of your mouth can create areas that are difficult to brush or floss. Bacteria begins to grow in these places unfettered, and without cleaning, can cause massive damage.

The germs in the mouth create highly acidic waste, which is secreted on the surface of the tooth. It can eat away at what is known as the enamel, or the hard coating around the outside. The initial worry with this growth is the development of cavities. Each one is a weak point, and must be corrected using a filling.

If the infection carries through to the inside of the tooth, it can infect the fleshy interior which connects to the circulatory system. If this is the case, a dentist will need to perform a root canal on the tooth. This includes a pulpectomy, or the removal of that fleshy part within.

This not only causes the tooth to then be dead, but it also is a significant hit on the pocketbooks! We would always like to be preventive, it is more affordable in the long run. And the less in the way of dental procedures necessary, the better!

How Can Night Guards Help?

All of these scenarios start with one thing: bruxsim. This is the term for any form of involuntary collision of the teeth. Gnashing, grinding, chewing, clenching, all of those actions fall under this umbrella term. And while it’s very difficult to stop the action from occurring, especially while one is asleep, mouth guards provide a simple and easy solution to the problem.

Boil and bite mouthguards are the most regularly available ones on the market, and you can find them at your everyday drugstore. With these, you heat a thermoplastic until it has softened, and then you bite down firmly onto the guard. This creates a soft mold that you can comfortably wear through the night.

If your needs are more extensive, we can craft unique protectors for your smile. These are slim and clear, and made specifically for your mouth. This provides the most protection for your mouth, albeit more invasive.

Whichever way you choose, know that protecting yourself from yourself can save you time, money, and tooth in the long run!

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