Is discomfort a recurring issue for you when you schedule dental work? For people who are uneasy about care in general, and for those who feel anxious about a more involved procedure, negative feelings can make treatment more difficult to undergo. Unfortunately, these feelings can even cause people to postpone care and leave themselves open to more serious problems over time. At our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office, we take care of our patients during treatments so that time spent in the dentist’s chair is as pleasant as possible. To help you manage feelings of unease, we can offer additional support in the form of dental sedation. Through different sedatives, we can provide different degrees of relief to offset anxious and unpleasant feelings about care.

Enjoying A More Comfortable Treatment Experience

You should feel at ease in the dentist’s chair even when you require more involved oral health services. We understand that people can experience both general anxieties about care and specific concerns about upcoming procedures. Our response to these issues combines a focus on positive experiences and a commitment to personalized support for every patient. When appropriate, it can also include the use of safe dental sedation. There are different degrees of support that we can offer based on your needs.

Selecting The Right Form Of Sedation

Because we offer different forms of dental sedation, we can provide different forms of support that correspond to patients’ needs and feelings. With nitrous oxide, we can provide a sense of ease by administering gas throughout treatment. Because the effects of this gas dissipate quickly, you can have an easier time recovering from its effects and returning to your daily activities. In some cases, we can recommend more advanced types of support. These forms of support include the use of oral sedatives. While your sedative can offer a more potent effect that you appreciate, you should know that its effects can last longer, making it necessary for you to arrange a ride to and from an appointment.

The Trouble With Avoiding Necessary Dental Work

Whether you need to do something about your wisdom teeth, an infected tooth, or problems with physical trauma, make sure you make treatment a priority. Waiting to take care of something can create more time for an issue to worsen and become more complicated. That can make you more vulnerable to tooth loss, and it can mean more time spent experiencing pain and sensitivity issues.

Plan Important Smile Care At Balboa Dental Surgery!

Through the use of dental sedation, we can make your time in the dentist’s chair more comfortable. Our practice is here to help you take on different threats to your smile; to find out what we can do for you, call Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949)630-0143 in Newport Beach, CA!