Tooth extraction is often a last resort when an oral health issue needs to be addressed. Through different restorative services, we are often able to save teeth that are at risk for being lost. Wisdom teeth can call for a different strategy. With these teeth, we do recommend extraction, and we also perform this service without making arrangements to replace them. The reason for this is that many of us simply do not have the space for our wisdom teeth and need to have them out. Their eruption can lead to problems because they can press against neighboring teeth and cause crowding as well as enamel damage. If they erupt improperly due to a lack of space, they can even shift or become stuck at uncomfortable angles, which can create new difficulties.

How Can I Tell If I Need My Wisdom Teeth Out?

You can experience serious discomfort from the eruption of your wisdom teeth, as they can put pressure on their neighbors and become impacted because they lack the space to move into their intended positions. A persistent discomfort at your jaw, a tight or pressured feeling against your molars, and other issues can lead you to question whether you need help from our practice. You can also stay informed about the movement of these teeth by keeping up with regular dental exams; this can lead to a timely warning about the eruption of these teeth as well as early treatment.

We Can Remove Your Wisdom Teeth To Protect Your Oral Health

Through a careful surgical procedure, we can make sure that your wisdom teeth are safely extracted before there are complications that affect your oral health. In addition to properly removing these teeth and taking care of the extraction sites to encourage proper healing, we can offer guidance on daily care as you recover. A limited period of discomfort can follow your procedure, and you should rely on soft foods for several days after treatment.

Problems Associated With Delayed Wisdom Teeth Extraction

So what will you need to look out for if you delay the extraction of your wisdom teeth? The pressure of their arrival can cause cracks to form in neighboring molars, which can lead to infections that require further care. You can also observe embarrassing crowing as teeth are pushed too close together.

Talk To Your Newport Beach, CA Oral Surgeon About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

There are different consequences to watch out for when you let your wisdom teeth arrive without treatment. The good news is that when they are dealt with, we can prevent potential issues and ensure your removal is a successful experience! For more information on how we can support you, call Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949)630-0143 in Newport Beach, CA!