Teen NPBCAWhen an adolescent develops their wisdom teeth, they might be likely to ignore the problem, or to figure that it will correct itself on its own. This is risky, as while some may develop properly, many others will grow in a way that is unhealthy. Those teeth will need to be removed, and in the time they have been ignored, will have done damage to your smile.

And there is no benefit to waiting. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist writes to you about the benefits of getting ahead of the problem when it comes to your wisdom teeth.

Noticing A Problem?

When you are first growing your wisdom teeth, you may not know the symptoms, just that you are experiencing discomfort. But if you are feeling any of the following, you should visit a dentist. If you are a minor, reach out to your parent or guardian about these issues, so that you may visit a trained oral health care professional.

The first thing you might notice is a change in the gums behind your existing teeth. This may show itself as swelling of the gums are first, with some pain. You will then feel sharper pain in the gums and possible bleeding when the teeth become closer to beaking through the gum.

Don’t Just Guess

Many people hope that their wisdom teeth will develop in a healthy manner, and that they can skip the dentist entirely. This is a dangerous maneuver and we do not suggest this at all. We have developed beyond the need for them through evolution, and holding onto them only risks damage to the mouth.

Many factors can come into play that lead to the requirement of wisdom tooth surgery. The teeth may be growing in a direction that is undesirable. These teeth grow erratically, so they can grow in a variety of directions. This includes growing toward the existing molars.

Obviously, that will lead to both overcrowding and misalignment. When this occurs, serious orthodontic work will be required to repair the damage. It is important to see a dentist long before this can happen. With x-rays, dentists are able to track the development of these molars, and remove them before they can harm the rest of the mouth.

With that, you should also feel calm and secure in the possibility of surgery. This is a very routine procedure, and while it may seem monumental to you, but offices around the world perform these every day!

Protect Your Teeth Today!

If you believe your wisdom teeth are growing in, don’t go it alone! Please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!