Cold NPBCAIf you are noticing an uncomfortable sensation in your teeth, it may be hard for you to carry on with your daily life. These feelings can be acute, where you will have attacks of pain. They also may come in a form where there is a longer feeling within your mouth.

Many things can lead to this condition, and you might be making some of it worse! The most common spur for this is the weakening of your enamel. But there are other factors which may also be playing a role. Whatever the cause, it is important to handle your dental sensitivity issue as soon as you notice it. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist outlines some of the more common ways that problems with your oral health may be making your life miserable!

Enamel’s Protection

Most of what we think about when we think about our teeth is enamel. This is the rock hard substance that forms the exterior portion and gives us both our function and our beauty. We chew using this, and over time, it can become worn or damaged.

For instance, bruxism is a serious concern for the future of your oral health. This refers to any action involving the collision of the jaw unconsciously. Such actions include clenching, grinding, and many others. you may wear down your enamel, essentially eroding the material away. When you wear through the enamel, the sensitive dentin underneath is exposed to the outside world. The nerves and other biological matter are not equipped to protect themselves and can quickly become infected.

When this bacterial infection sets in within your tooth, it can lead to incredible pain. If this happens, the most likely solution is through a root canal surgery procedure. This includes a pulpectomy, where your oral surgeon removes the fleshy part within the structure of the tooth. Then, they seal the connections to the jaw with a putty, effectively separating the location from the rest of your body.

Tell Your Dentist

Many patients keep their sensitivity concerns to themselves, or maybe they try to handle the situation with over-the-counter methods. Often, this can leave the cause unaffected, allowing even more damage to occur. You shouldn’t wait until the structures of your mouth fail before seeking help. Better results come from proactive and preventive health.

This is so helpful because the impetus for your sensitivity can really dictate the treatment that is necessary. One of the biggest pitfalls that patients experience trying to solve their situation with over-the-counter remedies is that they do not know what is causing the sensation. The years of experience of a skilled dentist can allow for a proper identification.

Take Care Of Your Sensitivity

If you are struggling with sensitive teeth, know that you’re not alone. But ignoring it may make your situation worse. To schedule an appointment, please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!