Sleep NPBCAIf you struggle with getting a full night’s rest, you might wonder where your source of discomfort is coming from. With these disorders, the symptoms may not show in quite as obvious or explanable ways as some other injuries or pains. After all, you are unconscious during the activity! Previously, healthcare providers relied upon the video evidence or direct observation to uncover some of these concerns. But the development of new sleep tracking apps might help you pinpoint the cause of your ailment.

There are two main ways that our oral health plays into our sleep. The first is through a condition known as bruxism, or the grinding and clenching of the jaw. Without proper night guard treatment, this movement can lead to serious harms within your smile, both cosmetically and medically. Another common source of poor rest comes through sleep apnea, where you actually pause breathing overnight. This can lead to major health concerns with blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist introduces you to these two common sleep disorders and how they relate to the future of your oral health!

Lasting Damage

Bruxism is the medical term for the unconscious collision of the jaw, which includes grinding, gnashing, clenching, and many other specific movements. When this occurs overnight, it can lead to very damaging results, as we do not have the mental defenses to stop our action.

Dental erosion can result due to this condition, where the enamel becomes worn down in certain areas due to extreme use. This can expose the vulnerable interior of the tooth, and should be stopped before it becomes severe. Another form of damage can result in alterations to your alignment, sometimes significantly.

If you begin to notice changes in your smile, it is best to make an appointment with your oral health provider to see what can be done. Nightly-worn mouthguards may be a fantastic solution at helping you mitigate the damage to your enamel. These are made from a cushiony-soft material that allows you to comfortably rest your mouth at ease!

Be Your Rested Best

Another serious sleep disorder is known as sleep apnea. Apnea refers to the momentary blocking of the airway, limiting the amount of oxygen you receive overnight. This occurs primarily during REM sleep, when our throat muscles relax. Parts of our throat may overlap and prevent the airway from being fully open.

A night guard may also be very helpful as a remedy for this concern, as well. These slightly readjust the jaw so that it is slightly more forward during rest. Often, this is all that is needed to reopen the airway and help you avoid increases in risk for heart attack and stroke!

Talk To Us About Your Options

If you are struggling to get the full amount of rest that you require, your oral health may be to blame. A nightly-worn mouthguard may help you to sleep easy! If you have any questions, please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143.