Teens NPBCAWithin adolescent and younger adult mouths, one of the most serious dangers comes from the development of our last set of molars. These are commonly referred to as the wisdom teeth, and they are a holdover from our evolutionary past. The growth of these can be strong enough to even crack your enamel, so this danger should not be ignored.

Not only can this lead to serious problems with the health of the teeth, but it can dramatically alter alignment. Many teens have only recently completed an orthodontic procedure to correct these issues. The often erratic growth of these new dental structures can radically push the teeth toward the front of the mouth. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist outlines how regular examinations and imagery can give you a head start on the development of your third molars. Prevent damage before it has a chance to occur!

Time Is Of The Essence

One of the best things to do in oral care is to be proactive with your preventive treatment. In regard to the development of your wisdom teeth, this comes through regular examinations and digital x-rays. By being able to see the growth of your final set of molars, it is possible to ensure that they are extracted before they can do serious damage.

This is massively beneficial, and it may seem obvious. But when it comes to scheduling a teen’s activities and managing time, things may get lost in the shuffle. So it is crucial to set routine appointments and follow through with them. The constant supervision of a developing smile can make all the difference!

What’s The Harm?

Parents and teens may not be aware of just how damaging the development of your third molars can be. Our jaws do not regularly fit these new teeth, and the crowding can shift the existing teeth toward the front of the mouth. This can be very dangerous for the medical health and look of a young smile!

Since these structures are on the way out evolutionarily, their development can be particularly erratic. This means that sometimes, they can grow nearly sideways. Or they may develop far back in the jaw, to where closing the mouth becomes painful or difficult.

Attending things earlier can also lead to less invasive results. As well, you may be able to more easily schedule a wisdom tooth extraction procedure. So call today!

Schedule An Appointment For Imagery

If you are an adolescent or a young adult, it is important that you monitor the development of your third set of molars. Please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!