Man suffering pain wisdom teethDiscomfort in the face and jaw can certainly feel like a matter to discuss with your dentist. What you can find is that the problem is not related to unhealthy teeth but those that have not yet arrived. As they come in, your wisdom teeth can push against their neighbors, causing crowding, enamel damage, and more trouble. They may even become impacted, leading to new issues that you must address. At our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office, we provide care to effectively extract your wisdom teeth and prevent further issues. Proper removal can protect you against potential harm, and it can make your recovery experience easier.

Wisdom Tooth Movement Can Lead To Pain

People often struggle with discomfort as their wisdom teeth start to move into place. Simply put, there is often too little space for these third molars, so their eruption leads to pressure against neighboring teeth. Consequences for not addressing their arrival in time include enamel damage, crowding, and even problems with wisdom teeth becoming impacted and shifting. Keeping up with regular dental visits will help you stay informed about when these teeth start moving and when extraction is appropriate.

Arranging Your Careful Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Based on a careful evaluation, we can see how far along your wisdom teeth are, which can tell us if the time for extraction has arrived. If so, we can do the work necessary to carefully remove them without disrupting neighboring teeth. To prevent complications, we may need to do work to access the teeth behind the jaw structure and remove them. Whatever your experience involves, we can see to it that you are made comfortable during care, and we can also provide guidance and support to help you enjoy an easy, comfortable recovery.

We Can Also Offer Careful Extractions For Other Teeth When Necessary

Wisdom teeth are regularly extracted and not replaced. For our other teeth, removal is only recommended when more conservative care is not an option. In the event that trouble does grow serious enough to make the removal of a tooth necessary, we can provide the right extraction experience and follow it with plans to replace what you have lost. A secure, permanent restoration will let you preserve your smile as well as your bite function.

Talk To Your Newport Beach, CA Dentist About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The movement of our third molars can be a source of discomfort. When nothing is done in time about that movement, the problem can lead to new and worrying complications! If you would like to find out more about how we can help you deal with the movement of your wisdom teeth, contact Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949) 630-0143 to schedule an appointment today.