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Our team offers oral pathology to be able to diagnose and recommend treatment for common dental diseases that could form in the soft tissues of your smile. The earlier we identify and treat these concerns, the sooner you can undergo treatment. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist’s office talks about our approach to oral pathology.

Signs of Trouble

With oral pathology, we want to design and help manage oral disease that develop int the interior of your mouth. Often, an early diagnosis is the key to a full recovery, and to keeping your smile whole and healthy. You should be aware of the common signs of these diseases, so you know when to see us for oral pathology. Examples include abrasions, sores, lesions, or areas with red and white splotches that don’t heal after two weeks. Persistent bleeding, hoarseness, and sore throat, or changes to your voice or sudden weight loss, could also be potential factors. When you encounter potential warning signs like these, then contact our team today to schedule a diagnosis!

Oral Cancer

While oral cancer can often be the result of excessive UV light exposure or alcohol consumption, or the use of tobacco products, the disease can form in smiles of people who don’t drink, smoke, or have excessive sun exposure. Which means everyone needs to be aware of the warning signs, which include the symptoms we discussed above. Despite being very treatable, the disease has a high mortality rate, with half of those diagnosed each year succumbing to it within just five years. The main reason is because the issue is rarely caught in the early stages. But our team can conduct oral pathology to identify areas with possible cancerous or precancerous tissues. The earlier we diagnose this, the sooner you can undergo treatment.

Conducting a Biopsy

When we diagnose issues that could identify the presence of disease, we may order a biopsy. The process involves taking a small tissue sample from your soft tissues and then sending it to a lab where experienced technicians and pathologists will be able to see if any diseases are present. Should the result be negative, we will monitor your smile for possible development. If possible, we can discuss personalized treatment plans to address these concerns and protect your oral health, as well as your overall health too!

If you have any questions about oral pathology, or if you need to schedule a visit, then contact our team today to learn more.

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