tooth extractionWe sometimes think of maintaining all of our natural teeth as the pinnacle of great oral hygiene. While this is frequently the case, there are some scenarios in which a tooth extraction is the best way to maintain the overall health of your smile. Wisdom teeth removal, for instance, is a great way to ensure your existing teeth are not overcrowded or compromised by the presence of these third molars. In other cases, removing other teeth is not only beneficial but also medically necessary. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist discusses the situations that might require tooth extraction.

When You Might Need One

Tooth extractions are one of the most common types of oral surgery. Undergoing a removal might seem daunting, but when you need one, it can be essential for your mouth and health overall. There are numerous situations that could necessitate extraction. Severe gum disease, for example, can loosen a tooth enough where removal is the better option. Similarly, individuals with compromised immune systems can benefit from the procedure as well; when teeth become infected, it can spread elsewhere in the body. In other instances, extraction is the right move when restorative or cosmetic procedures cannot save or mask a very decayed tooth. 

Filling The Gap

If you do end up having a tooth removed, then you are likely interested in ways you can replace the now-missing tooth. An dentist or dentist can fit you for a dental implant, which can support a crown, bridge, or prosthetic tooth. This is a particularly beneficial choice because the implant reaches into your gum and into your jawbone, which stimulates it and makes sure your mouth stays healthy. When a tooth is missing, your jaw might not get enough stimulation, which can weaken its density — leading to other issues.

Caring For Yourself After Removal

After having a tooth removed, it is essential to care for your mouth prior to getting an implant. Your dentist or dentist will provide thorough instructions that you should follow closely. For about a week after the procedure, you will want to minimize pain and risk of infection by taking prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers. You should also keep your mouth clean by rinsing it with warm salt water and changing any gauze regularly. Rest is key in the healing process as well, so make sure you do not exert yourself. Overall, you should listen to what your dentist or dentist suggests, as they will know precisely what your specific needs are.

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