Oral surgeryThe key to providing the best possible care to our patients is the passion we have for helping them achieve the healthiest possible smiles. We deeply care about the well-being of everyone who enters our office, and we believe this allows us to provide thorough, personalized services to the members of our community. From cosmetic procedures to oral surgery, we strive to offer the best solutions. And this starts with Dr. Shawn Hofke’s continuous efforts to improve upon his craft. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist discusses his qualified background and the oral surgery procedures we offer to our patients. 

Extraction Can Be Essential

Extraction is one of the most common oral surgery procedures. While we know the ultimate goal is to keep all of your teeth intact, sometimes it is necessary to remove one. When we suggest it, it is to maintain or improve the overall health of your mouth. This can be the best choice when there is decay that is severe enough that the tooth cannot be saved. In the case of Wisdom teeth, extraction will be suggested when there is the potential for overcrowding. Ultimately, extraction is done to ensure the rest of your teeth stay healthy. Of course, when we remove a tooth, we can provide implants or other prosthetics to fill in the gap that is left.

Grafting Can Save Your Jaw

Grafting is another oral surgery procedure we provide. We can perform this for either your jawbone or gums, and it consists of moving healthy tissue from various places in your body to the site in need of correction. It is done to restore the wellbeing of a damaged area and to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate further. In the case of a jawbone graft, it is done when it is losing density and strength, which can lead to serious medical issues. This can include your face sinking or your teeth falling out. Grafting helps the jaw get back to sufficient strength and overall health. The process behind gum grafting is similar and ultimately helps your gums reach peak health once again.

Dr. Hofkes Is A Dedicated dentist

Dr. Hofkes proudly leads our practice, and he serves all of our patients with a passion for excellence. He graduated from the University of Southern California Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at the top of his class, and then went on to complete his internship in oral surgery at USC-LAC Medical Center. He wanted to further his skills and knowledge, so he underwent advanced training in oral surgery and dental implants with the Global Institute for Dental Education. His academic and practical experience, along with his constant personal and professional growth makes him a highly sought-after dentist. He loves the opportunity to put his expertise to work for anyone who walks through our practice’s doors.

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