Dental equipment holding an extracted toothTaking care of your smile is a lifelong endeavor and one that is certainly not met without complication. Indeed, a variety of factors can negatively influence your smile, including traditional concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease, and nontraditional issues such as oral cancer and sleep apnea. As a result, it is imperative you take strides to stay on top of oral care. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA dentist takes a look at situations where tooth extraction can actually benefit your health, and how our team can help.

Why Consider Extraction?

It goes without saying that losing a permanent tooth is the last thing anybody wants to endure when it comes to their smile health. After all, technological advancement has made restoring teeth an even greater possibility, so when could someone actually benefit from tooth loss? The truth of the matter is that time is the factor that decides how our team can go about providing restorative care, and unfortunately, sometimes time is not on your side.

You see, your oral health is influenced by a combination of factors, including how your structures interact with one another and the processes they set out to complete. For example, your teeth may be healthy and in tip-top shape, but if you neglect periodontal care, you will soon find that tooth loss is imminent.

Sometimes structures are damaged beyond repair and no amount of restorative treatment can help. Further, a structure may be so compromised that it runs the risk of infecting your neighboring, healthy teeth. Without a way to mitigate the issue at the source, you run the risk of taking your entire smile down with it. To learn more about this process and what steps you can take, give our team a call today.

Damage Beyond Repair

You may recognize that a cavity is indicative of a tooth decay situation, but did you know that it will only continue to worsen without treatment? Indeed, the infection can and will spread to the tooth roots that house your sensitive nerves, and nerve damage can become so severe that there is nothing that will salvage your tooth. In situations such as these, extraction is your next best bet so that your oral function can be restored.

Other Structures at Risk

In addition to damage beyond repair, a severely infected tooth can place other structures at risk. This is because the infection is mobile and can spread to neighboring teeth, so mitigating this process by removing the infection at the source may be a viable option to save the rest of your smile.

Learn More Today

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