Dental bridge supported by implants. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth and dentures conceptYour smile is one of your greatest assets, and it is certainly one of the first attributes a person notices about you. Indeed, a bright smile can indicate a person’s confidence and overall disposition about life, and as such, many people place a heavy emphasis on their smile’s appearance. Keep in mind, however, that oral function and health are a top priority, but sometimes infection progresses further than anticipated. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA dentist takes a look at situations that warrant the need for a dental bridge, as well as how implants bring prosthetic stability.

Implants Provide Stability

It goes without saying that your teeth are essential for proper oral function. Your pearly whites not only help perform daily tasks such as biting, chewing, eating, and enunciating, but they serve to keep your jaw strong. This helps your oral cavity perform as a unit in general, and just goes to show how important each component really is.

As you can imagine, losing even one tooth – whether to infection or dental emergency – can significantly influence the oral processes in a number of ways. For one, it causes your bite to readjust so that the teeth present can accommodate for the missing structure. This can lead to a crooked or uneven bite, as well as damage.

Another complication to function is that there is no longer a root present to help stimulate your jawbone. This can lead to jawbone erosion which will complicate your seeking replacement teeth or dental implants down the line. By seeking treatment sooner than later, you can provide structural stability to support replacement teeth. To learn more, give our team a call today.

Addressing a Span of Missing Teeth

An important factor to note about tooth loss, however, is that once you lose one tooth, it is not uncommon to lose neighboring or subsequent teeth. In fact, your chances of experiencing this phenomenon increase. Fortunately, we have just the treatment to help. A dental bridge restoration consists of one or more crown restoration that can be bonded to the teeth present in your smile.

In order to provide more stability, however, dental implant posts can be used to secure your dental bridge to your jaw. This allows your new structures to properly absorb the pressure of your bite once more.

Benefits of Discreet Treatment

In addition to restoring your bite, your dental implant bridge will be custom-designed to mimic the natural hue of your smile. In other words, the discreet treatment allows you to enjoy a more lifelike smile.

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