energy drinkWe’ve all had those days where every single task and to-do feels like a total slog to complete. Sometimes even the act of checking an email feels insurmountable. In moments like these, it is tempting to reach for your favorite caffeinated drink in a can to give you that much-needed oomph. Unfortunately, energy drinks can extensively damage your teeth — sometimes to the point that can require cosmetic procedures, if not tooth extraction. This potential harm can outweigh the benefits that these beverages provide. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA dentist discusses the dangers of excessive energy drink consumption and the services you could need to fix the damage they can cause.

Sugar Rush, Cavity Crash

Yes, energy drinks can certainly provide a helpful boost to get through the day, but this is often due to an immense amount of sugar. While there are options that do not include sugar and focus on Taurine, Caffeine, and Guarana, they are still highly acidic. As you likely know, sugar can cause cavities, which is a type of tooth decay. In more simple cases, a filling can remedy a cavity, but as it worsens, you could require more serious procedures like root canal treatment or dental crowns to help strengthen damaged teeth. Sugar-free drinks can hurt your teeth, as well because their acidity can wear down the enamel, making your teeth more susceptible to decay and infection. In the most severe cases of dental decay, you might even need an extraction, if the tooth becomes too damaged to repair.

Stains Are Possible, Too

In addition to causing decay, acidic and sugary drinks can also cause your teeth to stain. While regularly brushing and flossing can help minimize the chances of this occurring, you could still require tooth whitening or veneers to cover up severe discoloration. This can even occur when drinking coffee, so you should really limit the number of acidic drinks you consume. 

Healthier Alternatives

Realistically, in this busy society we find ourselves in, you will want or need beverages to help you maintain the energy levels required by your work and personal life. Green tea is a great alternative to energy drinks, as it is all-natural and is less acidic. Green smoothies also work well because they contain vitamins that help you maintain your natural energy levels. Finally, drinking more water can see great results. Often if you are feeling sluggish and aren’t sure why, you are dehydrated — drinking a big glass of water can help quite quickly. 

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