Oral SurgeryWhen you require oral surgery, you want the best professional around. After all, this person is responsible for helping you renew your smile, so you should actively seek out a passionate, dedicated dentist. If you live in the Newport Beach area, Dr. Shawn Hofkes is a stellar option for all your oral surgery needs. In today’s blog, your Newport Beach, CA, dentist discusses what you should look for in your oral healthcare provider and the quality of care they should be able to provide you.

Oral Surgery From The Best

Dr. Shawn Hofkes graduated at the top of his class from the University of Southern California Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry.  He then furthered his oral surgery skills by completing an internship in oral surgery at USC-LAC Medical Center. Because he wanted to improve and expand his skills and knowledge, he underwent advanced training in oral surgery and dental implants with the Global Institute for Dental Education. Outside of his schooling and training, he continues his education in his spare time; he strives to be the best dentist around. He began his first practice in 2014 with the goal of creating a progressive business that provides stellar care in a comfortable, yet state-of-the-art office. Today, he shares his knowledge and experience by publishing articles in The Journal of the American Dental Association and The Journal of Radiology. When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family in addition to golfing, skiing, and learning more about his profession.

Services Dr. Hofkes Provides

Tooth extractions are a major component of the oral surgery services that Dr. Hofkes provides, Of course, no one wants to have a tooth removed, but sometimes it is medically necessary when it cannot be repaired. In these cases, Dr. Hofkes will not only remove it but will also provide an implant that will have your smile looking whole once again. Not only can an implant complete your smile, but it can also prevent your jawbone from deteriorating due to a lack of sufficient stimulation. 

In situations where your jaw does deteriorate or become partially destroyed, Dr. Hofkes can conduct a jawbone graft. This is where he moves healthy tissue from another place in your body to the affected site. It is essential to move quickly when deterioration occurs; if you wait, you run the risk of your teeth loosening or even your face sinking in. Similarly, gum grafting is another oral surgery procedure in which we move gum tissue from a healthy place in your mouth to a site that has suffered damage.

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