Gum Grant Newport Beach CAVery commonly seen in the dental industry, gum recession can happen for a variety of reasons. This is often highly embarrassing for people, and patients often delay care, imagining it to improve on its own.

This is not just an unsightly condition, but it can be dangerous to the teeth and even the bone in the jaw. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains some of the ways we can help this problem.

Why People Wait

Despite the fear that comes along with gum recession, it is important to remember that it is also a very common occurrence within dental practice. Patients report shame in association with the condition of their gums, and they begin to hide it by smiling or speaking in a different way.

But that doesn’t fix the underlying issue, and frankly, you shouldn’t have to alter your way of life on account of gums receding. This condition will not improve without assistance from a dentist, and you should not delay care.

In addition, patients often are not armed with all the information available on treatment possibilities. While sounding frightening, gum grafts are commonplace procedures to dentists and oral surgeons. This procedure involves implanting tissue from a healthy section of the mouth, replacing infected gum tissue.

Gingival Grafts Are A Simple Solution

Free gingival grafts are the most commonly performed procedures to replace missing or infected gum tissue. The intent with this grafting operation is to ensure that the root of the tooth is covered by healthy gums. Gingival grafts are highly predictable, and have a very low risk of complication.

Initially, the dentist will detach the infected gum from the tooth, and clean the area, especially the pocket between tooth and gum. Infected tissue is removed, limiting further bacterial growth. After this, the dentist will stretch the remaining gum tissue back to a healthy level. 

This operation only takes around 45 minutes on average, with local anesthesia in order to assure that the patient doesn’t feel pain. The dentist will give you a guideline on your diet for the next week, usually requiring soft foods. But nothing too intense!

What If I Need More?

If the infected area is too large for a safe gingival graft, a periodontist might opt for a soft tissue graft. This procedure is a little more invasive, removing a piece of tissue from a healthy area.

Usually, a bit of material is taken from the roof of the mouth, but it can also come from other similar areas. After implantation, these two pieces of material fuse together, creating new healthy gum tissue.

Like with gingival grafts, dentists are ensuring that the tooth’s root is covered in healthy flesh, as the root is a prime area for tooth decay or loss. An adhesive bandage is applied to the donor site. And as with gingival grafts, a week-long soft diet is usually sufficient for recovery.

Ready For A Change?

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