ometimes, patients have to schedule advanced dental services because of problems that went unnoticed or untreated until they became serious. At other times, sudden issues with physical trauma can make appointments necessary on short notice. If you find yourself in need of urgent oral health care because of an injury or the onset of painful symptoms, our Newport Beach, CA dentist’s office can help! We want patients to know that we are available to them at times when they experience dental emergencies. Our goal is to find ways to save teeth that are in poor health, physically hurt, or even partially or completely dislodged. However, when this is not possible, we can still discuss prosthetic solutions that lead to the restoration of the patient’s smile and bite function.

We Can Provide Emergency Dental Services

While we can provide support for patients who need to work out plans for more advanced services they are aware they need, we can also offer timely support to those who experience disruptive dental emergencies. In these situations, we can look into how serious the problem is and what your treatment options include. Through root canal therapy and even oral surgery, we can see what kind of procedure might be needed to save your vulnerable smile. For those who have dental problems that result in tooth loss, we can discuss the positive impact of implant dentistry!

Responding To Problems With Injured, Loosened, Or Lost Teeth

Whether you arrive for emergency treatment for pain, a broken tooth, or a tooth that is knocked out of its socket, we can work with you to effectively restore your oral health. Be careful when handling portions of a tooth or the entire tooth. To carry one that is out of place, be sure to only handle it by its crown, and keep it from drying out by carrying it in milk or saltwater is it cannot stay in its socket. Based on the state of your tooth when you arrive, we will determine if restoring it is possible. If it is not, there is still a way to preserve your full smile and still maintain your bite function.

Restorative Care When Your Tooth Cannot Be Saved

Dental implants afford us the ability to permanently secure a restoration without the need to modify neighboring teeth. They also enable us to address the loss of certain functions performed by our teeth roots. When placed, they help stabilize neighboring roots, and they can even stimulate your jawbone to keep it from losing mass. The security they offer can help you bite and chew with your prosthetic without worrying it might be damaged or come loose.

Balboa Dental Surgery Can Help You During A Dental Emergency!

A dental emergency can certainly be difficult to endure, but help is available! If you need treatment on short notice for an oral health issue, call Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery at (949)630-0143 in Newport Beach, CA!