Beard NPBCAGum recession is a serious problem in the United States, with almost 50% of adults having some form of periodontal disease. So almost half of us are struggling with this as we speak. But even if you are part of the healthy 50%, it’s also important for you to monitor your gumline, from its location to its color and more.

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist speaks to you about the importance of paying close attention to the health of your gums, so that you may be able to catch any changes or infection early. Prevention can make all the difference!

But I’m Healthy!

Maybe you feel that since your gums are healthy currently, there’s no need to worry. And while you shouldn’t feel too much anxiety about it, you should keep track from time to time. After all, the best way to have a beautiful mouth is to keep your beautiful mouth healthy.

Simply, while you are brushing your teeth and flossing (you are flossing, right?), take a quick look at your gums. Is anything looking abnormal? Are the colors and textures consistent or are there patches?

If you have begun to develop gingivitis, you may notice redness or swelling in your gums. Gingivitis is the term of the inflammation of the gums, and it is the beginning of serious periodontal disease. If you notice blood while you floss, you should not dismiss it as overaggressive oral health care. This is a sign of more than that, so please schedule an appointment today if this is something that is happening to you.

My Gums Are Already Receding!

If you are already experiencing gum recession, do not worry. We have some ways of restoring your gumline. The first step is to make sure that your at-home oral health care routine is sufficient. Many times patients will blame their recession on external factors, their toothbrush or their hot drinks.

But in almost all cases, the true culprit lies in poor oral health maintenance. Make sure that you brush twice daily, after meals. And do not forget to floss and utilize an oral rinse. These may help initial inflammation.

If your gums have receded to a certain point, you will need to have a gum graft. The most common form of gum graft we see is what is called a free gingival graft. This is when the dentist cleans the infected area and removes any unusable tissue. Then the current remaining tissue is stretched up to your healthy gumline and adhered. It begins to grow at that level again!

Protect Your Teeth Today!

If you believe your gums are receding, don’t ignore it. It will most likely only get worse! Please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!