Fixed NPBCAFor many people, an entire new set of prosthetic teeth are necessary. Historically, that has meant dentures, connected to the mouth through an adhesive. These can sometimes be uncomfortable, and lead to jaw bone loss.

With the advent of dental implant technology, we can do so much more now! For many patients, the solution is a set of fixed dentures, also known as an “All On Four” procedure. This mounts a prosthetic onto the implant posts, most often with 4 post sites for your upper and lower jaw.

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist talks with you a bit about how this procedure works, so you can see if it might be a fit for you!

How Does It Work?

Fixed dentures rely upon dental implant technology. During the earlier days of implants, a whole mouth solution required replacing the teeth individually. This is time-exhaustive, and expensive to have performed. And many post sites mean drilling into the jaw many times, replacing natural bone with metal.

But now we have developed a system that acts almost as a hybrid between that approach and traditional dentures. With this solution, typically four posts are placed in the jaw. These are like the posts for individual implants.

Then a prosthetic is mounted to these posts, creating a secure mouth that can handle the rigors of daily life. With these, gone are the days of losing a denture during an important speech.

It’s Worth It

For some, the thought of a whole mouth surgical procedure might be a bit overwhelming. We understand that, and want to assure you that this routine, and simple. We’ll help you through this, the whole way through!

For those missing teeth, and those needing extractions, this can help preserve your natural jaw bone matter. When we lose a tooth, our body believes that the area has been changed forever. Implant posts trick the body away from reabsorbing that bone.

This approach is also much more affordable than a full mouth of implants. This means that it is attainable for a lot of people who would otherwise have to rely on traditional dentures.

But this solution creates peace of mind, and generally, a more improved cosmetic experience. When you factor in saving yourself bone grafting from jaw bone loss, it seems like a safe move.

Please visit us as soon as you can to begin planning your solution!

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