Graft NPB CAWhen we lose one or more of our teeth, our body immediately begins to operate as if that area of the mouth is no longer vital. This includes what is called reabsorption, where our immune system pulls its resources from one area in order to focus on overall health.

Obviously, this is not ideal for maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. To remedy this, grafting bone material from another site can help to fill out your mouth, and bring back stability and strength. If you have had a tooth extracted, whether for the placement of a dental implant or if it is not replaced, this procedure might be necessary for you.

Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist touches on bone grafts, and how they may be an important step in maintaining a strong and vigorous smile!

How Do They Work?

The concept of a bone graft can be frightening to some at first, and that is understandable. Nobody likes the idea of a surgical procedure, no matter how small. But this is an extremely common activity in dental offices across the country, even the world. So please, do not be alarmed.

Briefly, grafting includes taking biological material from a donor site, then attaching it to the affected area. This matter may come from your own body, a tissue bank, or from an animal source. All of these operate in the same manner, growing into your existing bone and melding with the source.

Who Needs It?

This maneuver is necessary for those with certain oral health conditions. If you have recently or plan on having a tooth extraction, a bone graft is used to fill in the empty space due to the removal. This is important to reinforce the stability, as the bone becomes thinner and more likely to break without it.

If you are planning on using a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, as well, you may need this to be performed. Without a strong base for a post, the likelihood of implant failure is significantly higher. So before one is placed, your dentist or oral surgeon will ensure that the foundation is strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily life.

Those with severe periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) may also require a reinforcement of their bone. Bacterial growth can lead to loose teeth, and most likely the remedy will require surgery.

How Invasive Is It?

People wonder about how surgery will affect their daily routine, or their ability to work. So how much trouble will this be?

Most patients are back on their feet and working the very next day. This will be a bit longer if you have been sedated, as we want to make sure you are fully stable before getting out of bed. Long term healing will take more time, anywhere from three months or longer. But this healing can be done while you operate normally.

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