Jump NPBCAOften, people can get overwhelmed at the prospect of having a tooth replaced with a dental implant. This can only be magnified for those individuals needing multiple replacement prosthetics. And so many people ignore their problem because they feel the short-term hassle is worth the long-term solution.

Well, implants have never been more affordable and accessible, and you don’t need to worry any longer! Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist speaks to you a bit about how this technology came to be, and why now is a great time to schedule your smile’s improvement!

How Did They Come To Be?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people since the dawn of time have looked for solutions to failing teeth. Our species unfortunately does not have the ability to regrow these, so we hold on to them sometimes long after they have lost their functionality. Couple that with our use of our smiles as a signal of attraction and warmth, and there can be trouble.

Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, we have tried to replace or maintain our smiles using outside materials. They would stabilize a loose tooth by connecting it to a neighbor with gold wire. This maintained in Europe over the next few centuries, adding soldering as a method of attachment and security.

In The New World, however, is where we find the first true example of a dental implant. The Maya would take bits of shells found, and carve those into makeshift teeth that would be implanted into the jaw. Shockingly, these situations held very well, and upon excavation and imagery in the 1970s, it was determined that the jaws grew into this material in much the same way that our current implant posts hold.

But it really was the work of P. Branemark in the late 1970s that gives us our current concept of a full prosthetic tooth. He had accidentally discovered a process called osseointegration a couple decades previously, where the bone was growing incredibly well with titanium. By using this material in oral matters, it allowed for much more possibilites.

Since then, incredibly creative ways have been developed for use. No matter the need, there is the ability to craft a beautiful and realistic prosthetic that is designed for years of rigorous use. All while looking gorgeous in the process!

Could This Be For Me?

If you are currently missing at least one tooth, there is the chance that a full dental implant could be a great solution to your problem. And if you need a full set, this could be perfect for you as well! We understand that no situation is one-size-fits-all, and so custom crafted designs can make all the difference in your replacement.

You may require a bone graft before any implantation, so be sure to schedule your appointment as quickly as possible to get the process rolling!

I Want To Know More!

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