Sleep NPBCASleep apnea is a very common condition in Americans, yet many people feel they can ignore it. Around a quarter of men and one in every ten women suffer from this. The term refers to pauses in breath overnight, and it can lead to serious consequences. While these stops are often brief, they create disturbances in your sleep. This can lead to patients going years without a full night’s rest!

This can also affect the amount of oxygen that you receive overnight, posing risks to your health. Patients with this concern see higher rates of many conditions. These can include diabetes, hypertension, and even an elevated risk of stroke or heart attack! Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist speaks on the importance of maintaining your rest. And how simple guards, worn overnight, might help you find some relief!

Expansive Complications

Since sleep apnea affects our nightly level of oxygen, it reaches into many different areas of our body. And this condition can lead to serious health concerns, so if you have been putting off treatment, it could be detrimental to your health.

The blood pressure of patients who struggle with their sleep are markedly higher, as are other carivascular issues. These people are at a more elevated risk for strokes, heart attacks, and other problems related to your circulatory system.

Your daily life may be affected, as well. Are you finding yourself exhausted by lunchtime? Your sleep may be interrupted overnight, and you are feeling those repercussions later. After months and even years of buildup, you might feel absolutely terrible throughout the day! Speak with your dental health provider about treatment during your next exam, if not sooner.

A Different Approach

Most people are aware of sleep apnea through depictions of complicated CPAP machines. These can be noisy and make it difficult to sleep. While these machines can provide a vital service if necessary, patients would often like to avoid them if possible.

Mouth guards are another solution that can be much less effort. These molded structures change the way your airway sits, preventing obstructions and ensuring constant oxygen supply. Custom-fitted guards can help you stop snoring, as well. I’m sure your loved ones will appreciate that!

By moving the jaw and the tongue slightly, the throat is fully open throughout the night. This increases your blood oxygen levels, without the intrusive nature of a CPAP. In fact, most patients stop using these machines after a few years. Productive medicine is a medicine that we can practice comfortably, so if this option suits you, that is fantastic! Continued use leads to long-term health benefits like lowered blood pressure.

Speak with your dentist about the best mouth guard solution for you, and remember to keep a line of conversation open. If you notice any changes in your smile, do not put them off. Preventive care can stop issues before they become unmanageable.

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