Hair NPBCAPeople understandably can feel a little down on themselves whenever they require tooth extraction surgery. We hold onto our smile particularly dear since we know we simply do not regrow this tissue. But our options in prosthetic replacement can have you feeling better than ever before!

Often, patients will wait too long to deal with infection or other concern, and it will lead to more extensive damage. By knowing the quality and accessibility that our dental replacement procedures provide, you might just feel a little more calm about the possibility of a change in your smile. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains some of the most common tooth replacement procedures. You don’t have to wait any longer, a new smile is just on the edge of the horizon!

Tried And True

One of the more common procedures in replacement surgery is the use of a dental bridge. This places two crowns on the teeth at the edge of a gap. Between the two is a prosthetic that floats, held by that connection. For people who have mostly healthy dental tissue, this can be a great solution.

If you have concerns about the strength of your smile, this option may not be a fit. The additional strain on your natural tissue can cause further damage. This is why it’s important to speak with your oral health care provider about your options. And the more information you give them, the more educated they can be in the options that they give you.

Simple Cosmetic Advantage

For people with more extensive damage, a partial denture may be a more appropriate method of replacement for you. This is also a better fit for those with currently changing situations. Bridges rely upon the stability of the rest of your mouth, and that may not be strong enough.

Skilled ceramicists design and manufacture these prosthetic devices and they can be scaled to fit every situation. From single replacements to much more intricate possibilities, there is a solution for you. These may attach to your gum or jaw using a clasp or connection, in order to ensure their security.

A New Horizon

One of the most significant advances of the last hundred years has been the creation of the modern dental implant. These rely on titanium posts, surgically placed within your jaw bone. Through a process known as osseointegration, your body identifies this metal not as an external item, but as part of your own self.

This allows it to remain there indefinitely, strong enough for the functions of chewing and speaking. All while looking gorgeous and natural!

No matter the size of your replacement scenario, implants can be a fantastic solution for you. The connection to the jaw allows for the best possibility of retaining your profile appearance. For this reason, implant-supported dentures are rapidly becoming a popular choice for those in need of a whole mouth renewal.

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