Porc NPBCAMany people have concerns with their smiles. Sometimes these may not feel significant enough to seek treatment, but small imperfections can add up. Small chips, cracks, or alignment concerns might seem ignorable until they begin to cause pain. The use of porcelain veneers can fix many multiple imperfections simultaneously, and their versatility makes them one of the most common dental procedures in the United States.

These prosthetics have a very interesting history, dating back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Over the past four decades, these have developed into a standard procedure for those in public roles. From famous actors to your everyday individual, this approach can bring speedy self-esteem, while limiting the amount of trauma to the jaw. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains how these durable ceramic caps can give you a dazzling new smile that lasts!

How They Work

Veneers essentially provide a new layer of material that takes the place of your natural enamel. The first use of porcelain in this way came in 1929, when a Hollywood dentist created a prosthetic as a special effect for a film. This was never intended to be worn permanently, and it wasn’t fully until the beginning of the 1980s that your average American was able to receive them.

This was due to the discovery of a process called etching, where an acidic wash eats some of your enamel. This leaves an uneven and porous surface, which holds cement much tighter than our healthy enamel can. The increase in surface area creates security, like how ceramicists can score clay so that two pieces fit together well.

Custom Durability

Porcelain veneers combine two of the most sought-after elements in dental care. The first is functionality. The material is as strong as your enamel, so you can treat it almost entirely like your natural tooth. Our skilled ceramicists are also very adept at creating a unique prosthetic for a unique smile. Each mouth has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to take care in knowing your comprehensive health.

This means that many of your concerns may be able to be addressed simultaneously. Always discuss your possibilities with your dentist. You may be surprised at how simple it is to correct a minor concern that has been bugging you for years!

Alignment issues can be changed by altering the size and shape of your new veneer, rather than moving structures around within the jaw. This can save massive amounts of trauma to your facial bones. Not only that, but this is much quicker!

Let Us Help You!

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