Train NPBCAWhen bacteria reach within the structure of your tooth, it can cause immeasurable pain. It is always best to reach this concern before it moves beyond your enamel and gums. But sometimes things happen, and without routine checkups and examinations, you may not be able to notice the issue. Periodontal disease can cause gum recession and when the root is exposed, infection is very hard to stave off.

After an infection has set in within the biological structure, the most likely scenario for you lies in the root canal. While this gets a negative reputation due to movies and television, it can lead to massive relief when the infected pulp is removed. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains how root canals operate, and how our ceramic crowns can give you a dazzling stability!

Causes Of Infection

There are a few different ways that you may wind up requiring a root canal. Periodontal disease is one of the chief causes of this, which is when your gum tissue becomes inflamed and compromised. When the gums pull back, they expose vital structures that are normally protected from this vulnerability. If you notice recession, speak with a trained oral health professional about the possibility of a gum graft to restore this protection.

Breaks and cracks are also frequent areas of weakness that can be exploited. The enamel is incredibly strong, but when it has been compromised, then that structure may form a safe place for unwanted organisms. As they grow, they can create pressure which leads to pain.

What’s The Process?

With a root canal, your dentist will need to perform what is known as a pulpectomy. This is the removal of the fleshy portion within your tooth, and it normally connects to the rest of your body through the circulatory system. By separating the nerve tissue as well, we eliminate both pain and the damaged material.

Your dentist will seal the connections to your jaw using a plant-derived putty known as gutta-percha. This forms a permanent seal, while keeping the enamel and dentin structure intact. The drilling and removal of problematic matter may lead to a significant portion of this tooth now being missing. So we will need to reinforce the structure.

A Beautiful Cap

Our ceramic crowns give you a lasting solution with realistic appeal! This prosthetic top is placed on your now weakened location using cement. This is a permanent replacement to your previous situation and will require similar maintenance as your natural teeth.

Speak with us today about the different possibilities in crown styles, so that we might find the best fit for you. Every smile is independent and unique, and thus requires creative solutions!

Let Us Help You!

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