Yoga NPBCAOne of the best aspects of a dental implant procedure is the versatility that comes with it. Whether you are looking for a single replacement or a whole mouth solution, the use of titanium posts can provide a sturdy foundation for a wide variety of situations. All while looking gorgeous and natural!

The process known as osseointegration has been one of the most important scientific discoveries of the last century. This set the stage for the creation of any imaginable prosthetic that can maintain their functionality. For patients who are looking to keep their bite healthy and strong, this might be a great fit for you. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains how custom dentistry combines the best of both the cosmetic and restorative world. We aim to tie strength and beauty together for a lasting smile!

The Miracle Of Osseointegration

Titanium has a unique property that makes it a very special material. This metal works very well with our immune system, so our bodies do not fight it when it is placed within your bone. Dental professionals use this property to set a threaded titanium post into the jawbone. When this heals, it can be a great solution for your future.

This process is also used in prosthetic limbs for those with extremity loss. The connection becomes so strong that a new sense even develops, close to touch. This comes from the vibration of the metal and how we feel that! Not only does the body allow this, it fosters this growth and starts to protect the metal just like it would your own biological tissue

A Solution For All

Before the advent of readily-accessible dental implant technology, dentists had two different main ways of replacing a missing tooth. The first was the use of a dental bridge, where the two structures on either side of the gap are used to support a prosthetic that hangs between them. This requires placing two crowns on usually otherwise healthy teeth, and it does not address concerns underneath the gumline, so your body may reabsorb some of your bone matter.

The other form of replacement relied upon partial dentures, or a full set for many. And many extra extractions have occurred to make way for a whole-mouth solution. Implant technology aims to keep as much of your healthy biological material as possible, while providing a functional prosthetic.

Dental implants can now bring you the relief and peace of mind that comes with a true connection between your teeth and your head. Reviving that can do so much for your confidence, let alone your health!

Let’s Make A Plan!

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