Whitening NPBCAOne of the most common concerns that people bring to their dentist has to do with the coloration of their teeth. Years of use can leave stains deep within your enamel that simply will not come away no matter how hard you brush. The optimal way to avoid this issue is through strict maintenance of your oral health. This includes your home health routine of twice-daily brushing and routine flossing. It also includes setting and following through on your regular scheduled cleaning and examination.

But beyond that, there may be stains that we need to remove that are already there. For this situation, we have you covered as well. Our goal is to brighten your smile gently, yet effectively. Whitening procedures can sometimes lead to increased dentin sensitivity, though. Bleaching can weaken your enamel, and if it is done improperly, it can lead to lasting damage. So today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains how our whitening process can bring life back to your smile, while keeping your oral health at the forefront of the discussion!

Take The Time

While it may seem unnecessary at the time, your daily maintenance can make all the difference in how your smile holds up over time. We all know this inherently, but it is vital that we follow through in protecting our smile even when you feel you don’t have the time. This extends even beyond the concept of our daily oral health hygiene.

Stains can come from all sorts of things that we consume, and the use of artificial color in foods has led to a lot of abuse onto our enamel. Even beyond the dyes that we place in foods and beverages, many natural fruits and vegetables have vibrant colors. So much, that they are used historically to dye clothes and hair, even in use today! Things like beets, strawberries, and spinach are prime examples. But that isn’t to say not to consume them!

Lifting Stains Gently

One of the most important things to concern when whitening your teeth is the stress that it can put on your enamel. While you may see a noticeable change in the brightness of your smile with a strong bleaching procedure, it can leave your enamel weak. This can lead to sensitivity and a higher likelihood of other concerns.

You’re more likely to experience tooth decay or even a crack with weak enamel. So our intent is to bring these stains out as gently as possible. A trained oral health provider can help you along with an eye to your health. If you rely on over-the-counter options, you could be doing damage further, without even knowing!

Don’t Wait!

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