Sky NPBCAIf you are facing the prospect of a tooth extraction surgery, you may feel a little down about losing a piece of your natural smile. This is a natural feeling, even if you recognize the medical need for the situation. Nobody likes having to part with a part of their physical body.

Today, there are many fine options in tooth replacement surgery available to you that may help ease that stress. But you might find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed at the different types of procedures dental professionals use in restoring your mouth to a functional and beautiful level. Three different methods are commonly used for this purpose, with those being dental bridges, implants, and partial dentures. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist goes over the strengths of each of these procedures, so that you can go into your appointment armed with some knowledge!

Dental Bridge

A time-tested form of oral replacement comes through the use of what is known as a dental bridge. This is a prosthetic that hangs between two crowns that rest upon healthy teeth on either side of this gap. The abutment teeth take on the additional stress of the missing structure.

This can be a fantastic solution for people who are missing a single tooth in an otherwise healthy mouth. If there are concerns with the strength of the remainder of your smile, however, there may be additional risks involved. This method ties the health of each structure to each other. If one aspect of the area fails, it can cause further lasting damage.

Partial Dentures

Another avenue in your replacement is through prosthetics known as partial dentures. These are technologically-advanced materials that fit into your unique situation. It is possible that your solution will include hidden clasps or enclosures.

These can be a great fix for people with unconventional loss. Each situation is uniquely designed with your smile in mind. So if your issue doesn’t quite fit into the neat box that is suitable for a bridge, this might be a choice for you.

Dental Implants

The most advanced, and newest, form of replacement treatment is dental implant technology. This includes the placement of a titanium post within your jaw. This special metal has a unique property that allows it to grow with our own healthy bone matter. This process is known as osseointegration, and it allows for the addition of a replacement prosthetic.

A dental implant solution can give you a stable smile for the rest of your life. These can also fit for a wide variety of loss, from one tooth to an entire implant-supported denture solution. Each situation is unique, so schedule a consultation today!

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