Happy NPBCAPeriodontal disease is an incredibly common occurrence in American mouths. This condition is the infection of your gum tissue, and it can show in a variety of symptoms. Initial gingivitis may appear as redness, swelling, and tenderness at the location. Blood during routine brushing might also appear, and should not be easily ignored when seen.

Further progression can lead to serious health concerns. So if you begin to notice any problems with this area of your mouth, make an appointment! Early detection and treatment can be less intrusive, and possibly even avoid surgery. Today, your Newport Beach, CA dentist explains the progression of periodontal disease, and what we can do to help!

Prevent And Maintain

One of the most significant things you can do to have the best smile possible is to attend to situations as soon as they occur. Moreover, properly handling our routine daily oral health maintenance can allow us to avoid problems before they have a chance to exist at all. This should always be coupled with routine scheduled cleanings and examinations to ensure that problems are not beginning.

Your daily flossing and twice a day brushing can help to keep infection from taking hold within your gum tissue. If and when you notice blood while brushing, try to identify the spot where it is coming from. If that location is red or swollen, it may be the development of gingivitis. This is the initial stage of periodontal disease. You may even notice the start of recession. Give your dentist a call in the examination and treatment of this so that it does not progress.

Repairing Past Damage

If your periodontal disease has grown beyond the level of gingivitis, it can lead to serious concerns for your oral health. The recession of this tissue can expose the vital underworkings of the teeth. When this occurs, bacteria can migrate up within the interior of the structure and multiply. If this happens to you, you may experience severe pain and require a root canal surgery or an extraction procedure. This may also lead to infection within the bone of your jaw!

The most likely solution for your situation is through the use of what is known as a gum graft. There are a few different forms of this procedure, including a free gingival graft. This begins with the cleaning and removal of damaged tissue. Re-infection is possible without this, so this is important!

If there is enough matter available at that location, then your existing healthy gums are stretched so that they cover the needed space. Sometimes, an additional donor site is used to get the full area covered.

Stop The Damage!

Face your periodontal disease head-on. To schedule an appointment, please give Dr. Hofkes at Balboa Dental Surgery a call at (949)630-0143. Or stop by our office here in Newport Beach, CA!